Gloomhaven Scenario #25 Icecrag Ascent Failed Attempt. Actual play with four players.

The gang is back together. We finally got in another play of Gloomhaven the board game with our full group of four adventurous.

Warning: There will be spoilers during this board game playthrough and within the images in this blog post.

Gloomhaven Live Play Video: Featuring Scenario #25 Icecrag Ascent


Recorded December 13th
Scenario: #25 Icecrag Ascent
Difficulty level: Normal
Scenario Level 4
Four Players: Soothsinger, Berserker, Sawbones, MindThief

Where did we go wrong on Gloomhaven scenario #25

Where it all went bad, nice and early in a game of Gloomhaven.Things went bad for us really early. The first room turn one even. Deanna moved her Mindthief up and ended up surrounded by wolves, wolves that got +2 to attack due to having other wolves there. She burned through far too many cards, far too early.

Now I have to admit I was very impressed that my Sawbones was able to keep her standing all the way to the end. She even made it to the exit point on the map, but the thing is I had to focus on keeping her up and didn’t get to play my character as well as I could have. I basically had to leave Tori and Kat behind and that may have been our downfall.

There were other things I think we could have done better. We talk about that at the end of the video but really I think this one was basically over from the start. Part of me wonders if we should have just given up then and started over, but then I know that had we continued and won it would have been such a sweet victory.

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