Gloomhaven Scenario 40 Ancient Defense Network – Actual Play with Four Players.

In this week’s Gloomhaven live play we battle through the Ancient Defense Network and our Mindthief finishes the session off with a big reveal, plotting the course for our next adventure. 

Warning: There will be spoilers during this board game playthrough and within the images in this blog post.

Gloom Haven Live Play Video: Featuring Scenario #40 Ancient Defense Network


Recorded February 14th
Scenario: #40 Ancient Defense Network
Difficulty level: Normal
Scenario Level 4
Four Players: Soothsinger, Berserker, Quartermaster, Mindthief

Things didn’t go quite as planned in this Gloomhaven session.

We really thought that this week was going to be the week we either destroy or release The Voice. Unfortunately, it seems it’s more complicated than we thought. It ends up that this scenario was just another step on the path. 

The most fun part of this scenario was the fact that it made us split the party. To win we needed to have two characters standing on pressure plates at the same time and these plates were at opposite sides of the map. 

Again I’m impressed by the variety in the scenario design in Gloomhaven.

The big news this week though is that our Mindthief, played by Deanna, is finally on the road to retirement. During this session, she completed part of her personal quest which unlocked a new scenario for the group. Since she’s been playing the same character since the start of our campaign, and has been sitting at level 9 for far too long, we’ve decided that we’re going to pause our current quest for The Voice and do this side quest so that Deanna can finally retire her first character.

Remember you can join us in The Lobby and watch Gloomhaven live Friday nights at 8:30pm Eastern at twitch.tv/tabletopbellhop

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