Gloomhaven “Lightning” Solo Scenario: Unnatural Insults. Actual Play, Single player Play Through

A couple of Friday’s ago, Deanna wasn’t feeling well so we gave both Tori and Kat a chance to play the board game Gloomhaven single player. They each played through their Gloomhaven Solo Scenario. For this week’s video we are featuring Kat’s playthrough of Unnatural Insults, the “Lightning Bolt” solo scenario.

Warning: There will be spoilers during this board game playthrough and within the images in this blog post.

Gloomhaven Live Play Video: Featuring Unnatural Insults the Berserker Solo Scenario


Recorded November 22nd 2019
Scenario: Berserker Solo. Unnatural Insults
Difficulty Level: Normal
Scenario Level: 3
One Player: Innox Berserker Level 5

Some thoughts on the Berserker solo scenario for Gloomhaven.

What is up with Inox beating up Inox?

Kat picking her cards for the Gloomhaven Berserker Solo ScenarioOne of the first Gloomhaven scenarios I remember playing, back when we started this campaign, was our group going in and slaughtering a ton of Inox, despite having an Inox Brute in our party. That scenario was memorable for a couple of reasons. First because of how brutal it was. That really set the tone for Gloomhaven. This is not a happy high fantasy romp, it’s rather grim and dark. Second, it highlighted just how little choice we were going to have in this game. Gloomhaven is not an RPG, if it were, there is no way that scenario would have played out how it did.

That was a long time ago now, back to the scenario Kat played through on Friday.

I think Kat did really well on this. I know she lacked faith in herself at the start and even midway through the scenario. It was close and tight and there were a few card draws that I thought might mean the end for her. I was especially impressed by how well she did with not having seen the scenario before.

Room 2 of the Berserker Solo Scenario In Gloomhaven.She played through the scenario not knowing what was behind each door. The only information she asked for was how many rooms there were, so she would know how to manage her cards so that they wouldn’t run out. When Deanna went through her Gloomhaven solo Mindthief scenario the first time, she got really messed over by not knowing what was coming. When I did my Sawbones run through, I couldn’t really help but know what was coming ahead because I set it up myself before playing through it.

As for the scenario itself, it seemed pretty solid. This one was very much combat focused, which made sense for a Berserker mission. It was a good contrast to what I saw the week before with the Sawbones scenario which actually had no fighting at all. Also Kat seemed to enjoy playing it, which is the important thing.

Next week we’ll have Tori’s playthrough of the “Music Note” Solo scenario.

Remember you can watch us play Gloomhaven live Friday nights at 8:30pm Eastern at twitch.tv/tabletopbellhop

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