Watch us Learn to Play Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, Actual Play of JotL Scenario 3: The Black Ship

In this live play video, we continue to learn how to play Jaws of the Lion, a new standalone Gloomhaven Game or Expansion for the Gloomhaven cooperative board game.

This is a playthrough of scenario number 3, The Black Ship. We are experiencing this game for the first time but are both experienced Gloomhaven players. While playing we highlight the differences between this new edition of Gloomhaven versus the original.

Jaws of the Lion Scenario Three Actual Play:


Details and other links:

Recorded August 14, 2020
Scenario: Jaws of the Lion Scenario 3: The Black Ship
Difficulty level: Normal
Scenario Level 1
Two Players: Valrath Red Guard and Human VoidWarden

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My thoughts on Scenario 4 of Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion: 

The more we unlock of Jaws of the Lion the more it is starting to feel more like the original Gloomhaven. Thus far as we start each new scenario some new aspect of the rules has been added. One of the interesting things that Jaws of the Lion has done is provide us with limited card options. As part of the onboarding, each scenario thus far has had a set deck of cards for us to use each time. Which cards we are given to use has been changing each scenario. 

Scenario one had us use our A cards. Then scenario two had us swap out two of those for B cards. This scenario we got to add two more cards to our decks, our first two “1” cards. This brings our decks to eight cards in total, which still isn’t the maximum for either of our characters. 

Another new thing that we got to use this scenario were items. At the end of scenario two, we finally got to go shopping and this was the first scenario where we got to use the items we bought.

As for the scenario itself, it was quite fun. I really liked the map for this mission. There was a ton of difficult terrain which made for some interesting tactics during play. It’s worth noting that the rules for difficult terrain and jumping have changed a bit in Jaws of the Lion. It no longer costs two movement to enter a final square of difficult terrain when jumping. 

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