Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, Actual Play of Scenario 6: Corrupted Research

In this Gloomhaven playthru video, we continue our campaign of Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion. This is our first scenario after the tutorial using the full Jaws of the Lion Rules, scenario 6 Corrupted Research.

We are playing JotL with two players. We are experiencing this Jaws of the Lion scenario for the first time but are both experienced Gloomhaven players.

Jaws of the Lion Scenario Six Actual Play:


Details and other links:

Recorded August 28, 2020
Scenario: Jaws of the Lion Scenario 6: Corrupted Research
Difficulty level: Normal
Scenario Level 1
Two Players: Valrath Red Guard and Human VoidWarden

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For a comparison of Jaws of the Lion to the original Gloomhaven check out our Jaws of the Lion Review and comparison.

My thoughts on Scenario 6 of Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion:

The training wheels are off, with scenario six we are now past the tutorial stage for Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion.

There are no new rules being introduced from this point onward (at least as far as I know). The one notable thing about this scenario was how much longer it took us to complete it. It took us close to two hours but that included collecting our rewards and doing a City Event at the end. When you compare that to the fact that we managed to finish the first three scenarios in less time, it just felt longer. Not that I think two hours is too long for a board game scenario to last.

Another thing that I was very happy to see was a branching path at the end of this scenario, giving us two choices of what to do next. With that becoming a thing I have added a new plugin to the Tabletop Bellhop Twitch channel that will allow our viewers to help us decide which path to take. You will be able to see that in use with our next scenario, which will be either scenario seven or eight depending on what our fans pick. 

Finally, we have once again improved our lighting set up. Things are now significantly brighter in my game room and I think it’s making a very positive difference in our video quality. Next week we are going a step farther and adding a second camera. Those of you joining us live on Twitch won’t get to see that but once the YouTube version of that actual play goes live, you will get to see Deanna and I throughout the whole video. 

Join us Friday nights at 8:30pm Eastern (New York/Toronto) on Twitch, where we record these actual play sessions live! We would love to see you in The Lobby, our chatroom.

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