Gloomhaven Mindthief Solo Scenario Rodent Liberation Actual Play, a Second Attempt

Deanna is back at the table trying the Solo Gloomhaven scenario: Rodent Liberation. This is her second attempt at this scenario from the Gloomhaven Solo Scenario Pack.

Warning: There will be spoilers during this board game playthrough and within the images in this blog post.

Gloomhaven Live Play Video: Featuring Rodent Liberation, the Mindthief Solo Scenario


Recorded October 25th 2019
Scenario: Mindthief Solo: Rodent Liberation
Difficulty Level: Normal
Scenario Level: 5
One Player: Vermling Mindthief

More thoughts on the Mindthief Solo Scenario for Gloomhaven.

This is not an easy scenario. Yes, the Gloomhaven Solo Scenario book gave us fair warning. It also suggested studying the scenario before attempting it and it was right on both accounts. Things definitely went much better this second time around. Knowing what to expect made a big difference, especially knowing what happens when you have to read part one in the book.

Foreknowledge had Deanna not only playing differently this time but prepping better for the scenario. She went shopping and swapped up her gear quite a bit, spending almost every gold she had saved up (I forget what exactly she was saving up for, but that money is now gone on things like an Invisibility Cloak and some healing potions). Since she had already seen all of the rooms last time, we set up the full map right at the start of the scenario. Well, actually, we just left it set up since she played through both of these attempts in one night.

All of that prep helped, a lot. Room one went so much better and I would go so far as to say room two was pretty much a breeze. Then she got to room three and things went downhill, quickly. You will have to watch the video to see exactly what happened but I will say that you can probably expect to see a third attempt at this scenario in the future. Perhaps after she’s gotten some more money and spent that on enhancing some of her cards. If she doesn’t manage to retire the character before that.

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