Fifth Anniversary Episode Live Recording Door Prizes!

Thanks for helping us celebrate our fifth birthday!

Here is a list of the items we are giving away tonight. If you are chosen as a winner you can pick one prize from the list below. I will be updating the list and crossing things off as prizes get chosen (so if it’s crossed off it’s no longer available).

Prizes to Choose From:

  • Print of vintage John Blanche artwork, Paint Set 1 (Golden Demon) taken from old White Dwarf magazine
  • Holiday Hijinx Escape Room Game: The Birthday Burglary (an 18-card deck escape room game which we are reviewing tonight)
  • Holiday Hijinx Escape Room Game: The Independence Incident (oh my gosh, it’s another entire game!)
  • Ascension: Ring of Life promo card
  • Cash & Guns: The Blackmailer promo card
  • Castle Panic, set of two still sealed promo towers: 2017 International TableTop Day Tower and 2015 International TableTop Day Tower
  • Chrononauts: Artifact, Martha Washington’s Great Cake promo card
  • Council of Verona, set of two cards: zombie Juliet and zombie Romeo
  • Deal with the Devil: The Bureaucrat Promo Inquisitor card
  • Deal with the Devil: Game-Expo Promo Event card
  • Five Tribes: Wilwit (Wil Wheaton) promo card
  • Fluxx, set of two cards: The War Doctor (Dr Who) Keeper promo card and Ezri Dax (Star Trek) Keeper promo card
  • Hero Realms: Parsons the Insider promo card
  • Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, set of two sealed cards: Bunnies the Gathering and Dr. Xavi-hare
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak: Alicorn promo card
  • Munchkin, set of two cards: Trap! Panic! for Star Munchkin and Professor Tesla’s Electrical Protective Device for Munchkin Steampunk
  • Seasons: Speedwall the Escaped promo card
  • Star Realms: Interceptor promo card
  • Starship Captains: Convention Visit Promo card
  • Unspeakable Letter promo card


  1. Pick one prize from the list above.
  2. Reply to the direct message from AndSheGames on Twitch tonight during our live recording and let her know:
    • Which prize you want.
    • Your full name and mailing address.

Thanks so much for being part of our big 5th birthday celebration!

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