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A few weeks back I was contacted on Google+ by John Feldman. He saw my first Gamer Gift Guide and wanted to talk to me about The Bureau of Dragons and something they offer called the Licence to Slay.

I took a look at their website and thought that the Licence to Slay seemed like a pretty cool bit of gamer bling. After a bit of back and forth, I agreed to write up a review of the License as long as John was also willing to give one away to one of you, our fans.

So here we have my review of the License to Slay and our first-ever Tabletop Bellhop giveaway!

What is The Bureau of Dragons?

“The Bureau of Dragons is a non-governmental international agency dedicated to monitor and control all dragon related interactions with humankind.”
A dragon slaying license from the head secretary of the Bureau of Dragons.

At least that’s what you will find on their website.

The Bureau of Dragons is an imaginative blog and website with a variety of dragon based short fiction, poems, art and more. It is written by a fictional Louis Baston, the Secretary of the Bureau of Dragons. Quite a few of the blog posts are case studies about the adventures of the Secretary.

The other thing you will find at the Bureau of Dragons is the ability to purchase your own License to Slay.

What is The Licence to Slay?

Dragon slaying license number 38 issued to one Moe TousignantBased on what I saw on the Bureau’s website, I expected my License to Slay to be a “Hand Stamped and Personalized” certificate and a business card. It was actually a bit more than that.

When my license showed up it was in a solid brown envelope. Inside that was a brown folder stamped with a red Bureau of Dragons symbol. Opening that I found not only a nice parchment certificate but also a very nice letter typed up on bond paper, with a linen finish. That letter was an introduction and explanation of what the license was from Louis Baston.

Now the certificate itself is also very nice. It’s printed, as I expected, but my name is handwritten. The certificate number and the Bureau of Dragons symbol are hand stamped. Both documents are pretty cool and look official.

My favourite piece of this product though has got to be the business card sized License itself. This thing is on THICK card. Really thick. Credit card thick. Note that it is cardstock and not plastic, but it’s really nice. The front has some cool flavour text, the Bureau symbol and my name and License number hand stamped. It looks very official. All of that has nothing on the back of the card. It’s this beautiful blue with a silver reflective Bureau of Dragons logo and a reflective dragon scale pattern. This this is very cool.

Official License to Slay Dragons a business card sized license for my wallet.  Looking for a gift for your gamer. How about a License to Slay Dragons.

Final Thoughts

You can see most of what you get over on The Bureau of Dragons website. So I had a good idea of what to expect. I was surprised by the added touches. The brown folder with the Bureau stamp on it and the additional letter from the Bureau on damn fine paper. The certificate is neat enough, but I was most impressed by the actual credit card sized license itself. This thing is beautiful and very cool.

Overall, I think The License to Slay is a neat bit of gamer bling. Something that would make a good gift for a fellow gamer who’s hard to shop for. The current price is only $10, and I think, for what you get that’s a decent price.

Win a License to Slay of your very own!

I’m pleased to announce our first ever Tabletop Bellhop Give away.

This contest is open to fans worldwide. Enter via the form below. The contest will close on October 30th and at that point, I will reach out to the winner to get their contact info. From there the Bureau of Dragons will be contacting the winner to finalize details and get their shipping information.

The winner is: Kevin H from the U.S.

Congatulations Kevin. Good luck in your future dragon slaying adventures!

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  1. I have been wanting one of these for ages, it’s lovely work. My children & my wife won’t approve, though. Strict dragon-conservationists and I’m like “Yeah, usually but some are fascists and it’s okay to slay fascist dragons”

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