The Majestic Wolf Puzzle Review. A laser cut wooden puzzle from Unidragon

A look at the King Size Majestic Wolf Puzzle from Unidragon.

This is a laser cut wooden puzzle featuring striking artwork and some very uniquely shaped pieces. Half of the fun of this puzzle is discovering things hidden in these shapes.

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What do you get with the Majestic Wolf Puzzle from Unidragon?

The Majestic Wolf Puzzle from UnidragonThe Majestic Wolf wood puzzle comes from Unidragon, the same company that created Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia which I recently reviewed. The specific puzzle our family built was the king size or hard difficulty level which has 310 pieces and an MSRP of $99.95.

One thing to note in regards to this rather high price is that Unidragon often has sales. For example, at the time I’m writing this review you can get 30% off on this specific puzzle (plus you can use our exclusive code BELLHOP to get an extra 10% off).

The Majestic Wolf puzzle features an abstract wolf head with obvious native inspirations. It’s very colourful, bright and interesting to look at. One of the things that makes this puzzle different and more difficult than most puzzles is that it doesn’t feature a frame, so you can’t go hunting for edges to start it.

Another cool aspect of this puzzle is the fact that it contains a number of thematically shaped pieces including wolves and other various animals as well as other surprises I will leave you to find on your own.

All of the King Size Majestic Wolf puzzle pieces

For a look at how this puzzle is packaged and a peek at some of the pieces, including some of the uniquely shaped ones, be sure to check out our Majestic Wolf Unboxing Video on Youtube.

The King Size version of this puzzle has 310 pieces. Other sizes include Simple (99 pieces), Medium (185 pieces), and Royal (700 pieces). In addition to the piece count increasing the physical size of the puzzle also grows, starting at 6.7″ by 9.5″ for Simple and going up to 16.5″ by 22.5″ for Royal.

Unlike Quezzle, there’s no game element to this Unidragon puzzle. You just build it and you are done. 

Some of the unique pieces to be found in the Majestic Wolf puzzle from Unidragon

With that said, there is still more to this than your average puzzle.

A highlight of all of Unidragon’s animal puzzles are the uniquely shaped pieces. These not only include convoluted and twisty shapes that are quite different from the tabs and blanks of most mass market puzzles, but you can also find wolves, a moose, squirrels, birds, even a hunting lodge and the trees surrounding it in this particular puzzle. 


Should you buy the Majestic Wolf Puzzle from Unidragon?

Building the Majestic Wolf puzzle from UnidragonFirst off, I have to point out that I didn’t personally build this Majestic Wolf puzzle. It was my wife, Deanna, who actually requested we review this one after having such a good time building Quezzle with our teenage daughter, Gwen. It was the two of them that built the Majestic Wolf Puzzle. 

Let’s start off with component quality. Everything about the puzzle itself was excellent quality wise. This puzzle has nice thick wooden pieces, bright artwork and everything fits together well. Our only complaint here is the same one I had with Quezzle and that’s the fact that the box doesn’t really seal shut in any way.

Building the puzzle was fun. My family really enjoyed the difficulty of not being able to start off with an edge. They ended up basically starting at the middle of the puzzle and working out from the eyes and nose. At one point my daughter pointed out “there are so many curves!”

A partially finished Majestic Wolf puzzle from UnidragonThe puzzle took them a bit over two hours to finish, spread out over a couple of days. By the end, Deanna noted she wished they had taken more time with it. She felt they rushed things in order to get our game table back for a game night and thinks they both would have enjoyed it more if they had just left it set up and worked on it for a bit of time each day until done. So heads up to anyone picking this up, take your time and enjoy it.

Deanna and Gwen both thought the real highlight of this Majestic Wolf Puzzle was the hidden pieces. What really stood out, especially when compared to Quezzle, is that all of these pieces were themed to go along with the puzzles. Things like finding a full wolf pack as well as much of their prey was a joy for both of them. 

Some of the very cool hidden pieces in the Majestic Wolf puzzle from Unidragon

This to me is the big thing that sets these Unidragon puzzles apart and above many other jigsaw puzzles.

I think there may actually be a missed opportunity here. I think it would be very cool if Unidragon included a Quezzle like quest sheet with each puzzle. A bit of background story and a list of things to find while building the puzzle. Even just adding in a checklist to make sure you find them all would be a bonus to me. 

Overall my family really enjoyed building this Majestic Wolf Puzzle from Unidragon. It was challenging enough to keep them interested. It features fantastic artwork on well cut pieces and has the added bonuses of being frameless and of having lots of cool unique shapes to discover while building the puzzle.

Placing the last piece in our Majestic Wolf Puzzle. A wooden puzzle from Unidragon.

If you are a puzzle fan you really should take the time to check out Unidragon and their high end wooden puzzles. 

If you aren’t a puzzle fan you probably aren’t reading this review anyway, but if you are, there really isn’t anything here that improves the basic puzzle experience enough that I think this will be of interest to folks who hate puzzles. While the unique pieces are cool, you are still just building a puzzle after all. 

Now if you are puzzle curious, a Unidragon puzzle may be a good place to start. These wooden puzzles are definitely a big step above the cardboard mass market puzzles I grew up on and have totally won over me and my family with their quality and cleverness.


If this review has made you curious about the Unidragon’s line of puzzles, and you are thinking of picking one up, remember you can use code BELLHOP to save 10% when shopping at Unidragon.com.

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