Gamer Gift Guide – Improving your tabletop games with Etsy

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Over the years I’ve learned that the best gifts for gamers aren’t more games, but rather things to improve the games they already own.  Etsy has already come up on three of my previous #GamerGiftGuide posts and it will probably come up again.

There’s just a lot of really cool, unique, tabletop gaming stuff to find there, and much of it at very reasonable prices. You could probably easily do all of your gamer gift shopping without leaving Etsy.

Disclosure: all links in this post are Etsy affiliate links. As an associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Catan has Never Looked so Good.

Catan is still one of the most popular hobby games out there. If you want proof just check out the number of custom boards and pieces you can find on Etsy. Like this beautiful custom game board for Settlers of Catan. Or perhaps you prefer something more 3D. If that’s the case check out this Hand Painted 3d Printed Settlers of Catan Set. Once you’ve got a great looking board you’ll need something to organize those player pieces as well, like this set of four Catan Piece Holders.

Making the Most of Mars

I love Terraforming Mars. It’s one of my top games and I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m very tempted to add some custom components to my game to make it even cooler. I already own a great set of 5 Terraforming Mars Cube Trays in the five player colours that my wife bought me from Etsy last year. I personally prefer these to the chunkier Player Mat Overlays with Backboards, though I have friends that prefer the later.  What I think I need next is something like this Full Pack of Tiles and Tokens. It’s has 69 3D replacement pieces that add a new dimension to your terraforming project.

Glitz for Gloomhaven

Another game I’m seriously considering adding some bling to is Gloomhaven. I expect we will be playing this one for a very long time so I think it’s going to be worth investing in. I’m a big fan of add-ons that actually improve gameplay. Like these Gloomhaven Monster Bases that track monster health and can hold status effect tokens.  I also like these Gloomhaven Monster Deck Holders that hold the cards upright so that everyone at the table can easily see them. The next step, of course, is to replace all of those obstacles, trap and scenery tokens with something more three-dimensional. This shop has every overlay tile, and object 3d printed, you can order just one piece or a full set.

Dice Towers

Etsy is great for finding bits to bling out specific games, but what about something you can use in almost any game. Well any game with dice at least. One of the best looking 3D printed dice towers I’ve seen is this Dice Tower with Spiral Staircase, which comes in a variety of colours.  Some dice towers, like this Dragon’s Rest Dice Tower, are made to look like a part of the scenery on your table. Or you can get really fancy with this Elven Style Wooden Dice Tower.

Controlling Those Cards

You’ve got a shiny new board and maybe some shiny new components, and a way to contain your dice. What next? Well, you need something to do with all those cards! Check out this Cthulhu based card holder for all of your Eldritch gaming needs.  Prefer something a bit more solid than wood? Check out these acrylic Card Deck Holders. Into deck building or drafting, games check out this Lasy Susan style Card Hub.

Can’t forget the Roleplayers

It’s not just awesome stuff for board gamers you will find on Etsy. There’s plenty for the role player as well. Check out these awesome Laser Cut Wood Inspiration Tokens for 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Take a look at this amazing Dungeon Master’s Screen. Don’t forget a Dungeon Map Dice Bag to hold those dice!

So Much More

There is a ton of cool tabletop stuff on Etsy. Because they also do vintage items it’s actually not a bad place to shop for classic games like 13 Dead End Drive. It’s a great place to find prototyping bits for the aspiring game designer. Like these wooden pawns. You never know what you will find. You could even stumble onto something you never knew you needed, like hand knit fantasy wargame scenery. Happy hunting!

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