Gamer Gift Guide – Adding Bling to your Tabletop Games

Buying gifts for gamers is hard. This gift guide includes ways to improve the games they already have. #GamerGiftGuide #GiftGuide #GamingGifts #TabletopBellhop #boardgames #tabletop

As I’ve said before, buying gifts for gamers can be hard. Particularly if they already own a large collection of board games or RPGs. This gift guide includes a bunch of suggestions for items that you can use to improve the games you already have. The following items can make great gift ideas for hard to shop for gamers who already own more games than you can count.

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Stonemaier Replacement Resources

One of the best things you can do to bling out your games is to replace the boring wooden cubes and cardboard money chits with something more substantial. Stonemaier games produces deluxe components for their most popular games like these resources for Scythe or metal coins for Viticulture. They also sell a variety of different “Treasure Chests” that each include six different resource upgrades for use in a variety of board games. You can also order individual resources from Top Shelf Gamer.

Meeple and More From MeepleSource

In addition to resources, it’s often worth replacing the actual player pieces. Check out all the awesome stuff available from Meeple Source. As expected they sell a ton of custom meeple but they also sell replacement resources and other components. Meeple Source started out with all wooden components but has since ventured into all kinds of components and meeple themed things. The first thing I saw by Meeple Source was their Amazing Puerto Rico Deluxe Upgrade Kit.

Laser Cut Acrylics from Litko

I mentioned Litko back in my first #GamerGiftGuide – For the aspiring game designer. There I talked about their custom token set. Besides offering to make your own custom tokens, Litko offers a ton of different components both designed for specific games and for generic use in a variety of games. Things like these maneuver templates for X-Wing or this Doom Indicator for Eldritch Horror. One of my favourite bits from them are these hexagonal Fleet Movement Stands, perfect for games like Eclipse and Twilight Imperium.

Game Mats

Toss out that old mounted board and replace it with something bigger, a specialized game mat. You can get mats for specific games, like this Star Trek Ascendancy Borg Assimilation mat or this great looking Star Wars Hoth Gamemat. It’s not just space games that have mats either. Check out this Machi Koro Deluxe Game Mat or this Splendor Playmat. For you wargamers it’s always great to have a generic green field playmat to fight your battles on.

3D Printed Bling

There’s a growing number of awesome 3D printed components out there on the market. The first one I remember seeing was this Star Wars Imperial Assault Custom Door, Terminal & Crate 20 piece set. Then I found these awesome 3D Space Colony Hex Tiles for Terraforming Mars. I’m also very tempted by this very cool Custom 30 Piece Token Set for Gloomhaven.

RPG Bling

Here’s where the Licence to Slay falls. Be sure to check out my review. No roleplayer ever said they had enough dice. Some of the best looking dice on the market come from Q Workshop. Does your GM run a variety of different games? Then this 4-Panel Customizable GM screen would be perfect for them.

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