Master List of Tabletop Gaming Podcasts

This is a living document. Meaning that it’s updated when I can and is in no way considered complete. New gaming themed Podcasts will be added when I find them or someone points them out to me. To that end, if you have a tabletop gaming related Podcast and it’s not listed here please comment on this post or email me and I will add it. If you know of a Podcast that I’ve missed, please do the same.

You can also check out filtered versions of this list. Here are Podcasts featuring Actual Play, Board games/Card games/Dice games/etc, Miniature Gaming, and Roleplaying.

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Master List of Tabletop Podcasts

69 Responses

    1. Awesome, thanks Carnival.

      Adding these to the list right now. If you spot any others I’m missing please let me know.

    1. Thanks for the heads up about your ‘cast Clayton.

      Added it to the CSV file, and it will show up on the website the next time I do an upload (usually on Thursday).

  1. Hello! I’d like to add my shows to the list. There’s The Redacted Files ( and The Amber Clave ( Both are actual plays 🙂

    1. Just added that one this morning. It hasn’t gone live yet but will be there with the next update.

      Thanks Kaylee,

    1. Got to this one this morning after getting a tweet. It will go live with the next update.

      Thanks Ronnie,


  2. RPG Unltd.
    I interview Game Masters, Players, Writers, Artists, and Developers in the #TTRPG sphere!

    1. Jeff,

      Someone (maybe you) already pointed this one out on Twitter and I added it this morning. It will go live with the next update.


  3. Hey Moe,

    I have a podcast called Keep Off The Borderlands mainly about my struggle to get my game on but I occasionally attempt to be informative.

    1. Aaron,

      I’m adding it to my CSV file right now. It won’t show on the web page until the next update but it’s all set to go.


    1. Sandra,

      Sorry for the dealy, this comment got lost in a spam folder.

      I’m adding your show to our list now. It will go live on the webpage with the next update.


    1. Rodney,

      Just added the show to my back end CSV file. It will go live with the next update. Great name for a podcast, I love it!


  4. Could you Add Dice Therapy AP to your list?
    It is an all women group of first time players tackling tabletop role playing, the energy they bring to the table has to be shared with the world. 🙂

    1. Hey Charles,

      Just added Dice Therapy to the back end SCV file. It won’t go live on the website until the next update.

      Moe T

    1. Jake,

      I’m adding it to the back end file right now. It won’t go live until the next update.


  5. Howdy! Please add my new Pathfinder Actual Play, Pod Against the Machine ( to the list.

    -Monkeys Bears and Robots

    1. Hey Tom,

      Adding your ‘cast to the back end file right now. It will go live with the next update.

      Moe T

  6. 5 Torches Deep Actual Play A new podcast just finding our feet

    My Friday game group play 5 Torches Deep a game that is known as an Old School Renaissance (OSR) style game which means that it plays towards the old style of Dungeons and Dragons and focus mainly on actual dungeon delving. It is a smaller less complicated ruleset that is tremendous fun with a basing in the rules from Dungeons and Dragons 5e

    Find the youtube versions where we play over Roll20 and Discord here:

    Podbean link:

    1. Hey Mark,

      Just added your show to both our podcast and YouTube master lists!

      Good luck with the new show!

      Moe T

    1. Hey Michael,

      Just added you to the back end file. I think I’m on your group on Facebook 😀

      It will show up on the page after the next update.

      Moe T

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