The Valley of the Mountains – #FridayFiveMinuteMap


The Rules

    • Draw a map. Any way you want. Hand-drawn, digital, finger paints, whatever medium you want.
    • Try to only take about five minutes. No one is timing you and we aren’t going to be mad if you go a bit over.
    • Take a picture of the map.
    • Post it online using the hashtag #FridayFiveMinuteMap. Share this wherever. I posted mine on G+, Facebook, Instagram and here.
    • Search the hashtag and promote other’s work. Comment, like, share, +1. Enjoy what others have created

Welcome to  #FridayFiveMinuteMap.

I actually managed to pull off a map two weeks in a row. This makes me happy.

There’s a group over on MeWe called Micro Maps. Every Monday they host #MicroMapMonday. It’s a similar mapping challenge to this except that it requires only that you draw a small map. There is no time limit. What I dig about #MicroMapMonday is that there is a theme. I’ve decided to use the theme from that challenge for my Friday maps.

The theme this week is: Beautiful.

I honestly drew a blank when I first picked up my pen. Then I had a thought of a waterfall in the mountains. Then I realized I had no clue how to draw that. My next thought was a forest clearing. Then I decided to combine the two, I wanted mountains and forests. What you see above is what I came up with.

Did you draw a map today? Care to leave me a link in the comments?

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