Gloomhaven Actual Play. Scenario #16 Mountain Pass. Scenario level 4 with four players.

Check out our latest live play video where our group of four plays the legacy board game Gloomhaven. In this video, we play through scenario #16 Mountain Pass.

Warning: There will be spoilers during this boardgame playthrough and within the images in this blog post.

Gloomhaven Actual Play Video: Featuring Scenario #16 Mountain Pass


Recorded October 18th 2019
Scenario: #16 Mountain Pass
Difficulty Level: Normal
Scenario Level: 4
Four Players: Inox Berserker, Quatryl Soothsinger, Human Sawbones, Vermling Mindthief

Thoughts on Gloomhaven Scenario #16 Mountain Pass

Early in a game of Gloomhaven. Playing scenario 16 Mountain PassIt was an interesting start to the stream last Friday. The week previous Kat had asked to take the scenario book home. The reason for this was so that she could go through and create some form of document that we can use to track where we have been, where we are going and where we might want to go in the future.

This addresses one of my few problems with Gloomhaven, it’s a bit hard to track where the story is going and what missions is related to what other mission. This became very obvious last week when we played Gloomhaven scenario #6 Decaying Crypt. We picked this scenario pretty randomly and once we finished it the conclusion it didn’t make any sense based on the ongoing story. We were asked to do something that we had already taken care of.

So Kat’s plan was to make some kind of log or flowchart or something. The problem was that she forgot the book at home. Now Tori and Kat don’t actually live in Windsor, so a drive home to get the book wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully I was able to find a PDF version of the scenario book and we used that to set up our game.

Room 2 of scenario 16 in Gloomhaven: Mountain PassThe next problem was picking a scenario. We did this by looking at the map and picking something far away from Gloomhaven. I wanted to have a road encounter just to make things interesting. We ended up picking scenario #16 Mountain Pass and confirmed that we hadn’t actually done it before. We also got some help from our Twitch channel chatroom where TemujinNC was able to help us remember how we had unlocked this scenario. It had to do with us hearing rumours of dragons up north.

Actually TemujinNC was awesome for the entire stream. He joined us for the full playthrough and offered up tips, suggestions and corrections when we made mistakes. Our group has now unofficially adopted him as our “guy in the chair.”  Thanks for all of your help and guidance Temujin!

As for the actual scenario, I think it went well overall. I really liked the scenario this time around. The map matched the description really well and it actually felt like we were dealing with a frozen over mountain pass. I think we all played rather well and the scenario was almost easy until we got stuck at the doorway to the final room.

The final battle in Gloomhaven Scenario 16: Mountain PassThere were some really heavy hitters in this scenario and we ended up with two characters being exhausted by the end of it. This was completely due to monster damage, and not us burning through cards. Overall the scenario felt very tight and challenging. It was a fun night gaming.

One thing I do need to remember, now that I’m doing these blog post recaps I need to take more pictures! I stole a couple of screenshots of the live stream for today’s post but I would prefer to actually use photos.

Remember you can watch us play Gloomhaven live Friday nights at 8:30pm Eastern at twitch.tv/tabletopbellhop

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