Getting those unplayed games played – January #LessShameMoreGame update.

The goal of the #LessShameMoreGame challenge is to get those unplayed games played.

At the start of the year I took inventory of my current collection of unplayed games. At that time my pile of shame contained 79 games and expansions.

Today I’m going to take a look at where I stand one month in, as well as talk a bit about each of the pile of shame games I managed to play in January.

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Where I was

It was January 5th the last time I did a full inventory of my piles of shame. To track this I did a couple of things. First off I went on Board Game Geek and ticked off the “want to play” button on all of my unplayed games. This way I could sort my collection by this tag. Then I used that information to build an excel spreadsheet.

At that time I was sitting at 79 unplayed games and expansions. It’s worth noting that this list did include some games that I had played before but had only played other people’s copies of the games, as well as some games where I bought the newer deluxe editions but have played the original games.

I got some new games

Since creating the initial list I had a birthday. I got some games for that birthday, so the pile of shame number went up.

With my birthday, three games got added to the piles:
Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra
War Chest.

In addition to this I did buy one game in January. That was Kodama: The Tree Spirits.

So this puts the total up to 83

I played a bunch of games.

Since dedicating myself to this challenge I’ve been doing pretty good at getting games off the pile. It’s been a mix of stuff that I have owned for some time as well as the new games I’ve gotten.  Most of the games I got for the holidays and my birthday have already hit the table. I just can’t resist the new hotness sometimes.

In January I got seven games from my shame piles played. Click on each of these to read the article where I give my first impressions of each game.

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra
Bandu (aka Bausack)
Dinosaur Island Xtreme Edition
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
Kodama: The Tree Spirits
Terraforming Mars: Prelude
Ticket to Ride: New York

So that puts the pile down to 76 games.  Not a bad start for the year.

The updated list:

Here is where my current pile of shame list sits as of February 1st. Still lots of games and expansions to play.

One of my piles of unplayed board games.878: Vikings – Invasions of England(2017)
Age of Steam Expansion: Japan (2006)
Arkwright (2014)
Ashes: The Duchess of Deception (2016)
Ashes: The Roaring Rose (2016)
BattleCON: War of Indines (2010)
Black Box (1977)
Brass: Birmingham (2018)
Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game(2014)
Burning Suns (2013)
Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion (2011)
Combat Commander: Europe (2006)
Commands & Colors: Napoleonics (2010)
Conan (2016)
Concordia: Salsa (2015)
Coup d’État (1966)
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) (2012)
Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid (2018)
Duel in the Dark (2007)
ElfQuest Adventure Game (2015)
Empire Builder (1982)
Exit: The Game – The Secret Lab (2016)
Fief: France 1429 (2015)
Firefly: Out to the Black (2013)
Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun (2014)
Firefly: The Game – Breakin’ Atmo (2013)
Flick ’em Up!: Stallion Canyon (2015)
Founders of Gloomhaven (2018)
Freedom: The Underground Railroad(2012)
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage (1996)
Heroes Wanted: Champions and Masterminds II (2015)
Heroes Wanted: Champions and Masterminds (2014)
Heroes Wanted: Extra, Extra (2014)
Imperial Settlers: Aztecs (2016)
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game – Goblins! (2017)
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game (2016)
Julius Caesar (2010)
Let’s Bowl A Game (1965)
Lignum (second edition) (2017)
Mad Gab (1996)
Master of Orion: The Board Game (2016)
MBL Pocket Pro Tour (2017)
Password (1962)
Polis: Fight for the Hegemony (2012)
Qwirkle Cubes (2009)
Railroad Revolution (2016)
Runewars Miniatures Game (2017)
Samurai (1979)
Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Scholar Hero Character (2013)
Ships (2015)
Space Empires: 4X (2011)
Space Empires: Close Encounters (2012)
Star Trek: Expeditions – Expansion Set(2012)
Star Trek: Expeditions (2011)
Star Wars: Star Warriors (1987)
Star Wars: The Card Game – It Binds All Things (2014)
Steam: Map Expansion #2 (2011)
Strasbourg (2011)
Stratos: Light in the Darkness (2017)
Stuffed Fables (2018)
T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case (2015)
The ElfQuest Boardgame (1986)
The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera (2018)
Trippples (1972)
Twilight Struggle (2005)
Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar – Tribes & Prophecies (2013)
Unlabeled: The Blind Beer Tasting Game(2017)
Villages of Valeria: Guild Halls (2016)
Villages of Valeria: Monuments (2016)
War Chest (2018)
War of the Ring (Second Edition) (2012)
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower (2016)
WWE Superstar Showdown (2015)
Yardmaster (2014)

So that’s how I’m doing on the #LessShameMoreGame challenge. How is your pile of shame looking? Going down I hope. Let me know how you did in the comments below!

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