Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast – Episodes 100 to 91

For our hundredth episode, we have a special retrospective, plus we answer a big question, “Why do you play boardgames?”

Review: Katana and Jaws

We also discuss the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Onitama, The Duke, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How do you get the most from your unwanted games?”

Review: Bastille and Escape Mail Episode 1: Family Secrets

We also talk about Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy, Maki Stack, Katana, Jaws, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How do you curate your game collection? When should you let go of a game? When you must get rid of some games how do you decide which ones?”

Review: Codenames Duet and Lost Cities: Rivals

We also discuss the Bastille, games from some of the best Canadian board game designers and RPG writers. Gloomhaven actual plays, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some of the best tabletop games from Canadian designers?”

Review: Super Cats from The Op

We also discuss Talisman: Batman Super Villains Edition, The Mind, Telestrations Upside Drawn, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: Answering questions live, topics include: virtual gaming cons, what game would we play once a week for a year, designing a game, and more.

Review: Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria (Preview)

We also discuss Katana, Super Cats, how to deal with a gamer who isn’t willing to try new things, and more.


Ask the Bellhop: “Do you have any solutions for players who only ever want to play one type of game?”

Review: Exchange from Bicycle Games

We also discuss The Fox in the Forest, GIPF, Quodd Heroes. and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some great games by black game designers?”

Review: Mermaid Adventures

We also discuss Black Box, 878 Vikings, Renegade Con Virtual, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: Answering questions live, topics include: publisher self promotion, board game tiebreakers, Tabletopia vs Tabletop Simulator, the board game we most want to see go digital, and more.

Review: The Alpha from Bicycle Games 

We also discuss Codenames Duet, Sanctum, a prototype of Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are your suggestions for sorting and storing our hundreds of minis?”

Review: Star Trek The Original Series Deck Building Game, Star Trek The Next Generation Premiere Edition Deck Building Game, and Star Trek The Next Generation Next Phase Edition Deck Building Game

We also talk about Lanterns, Quodd Heroes and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are your thoughts on game experience enhancing products? Sound/music for the ears, candles for the scent, game related snacks, etc.?”

Review: King Me!

We also discuss Unlabelled, Eminent Domain Exotica, some Asmodee Digital games, and more. 

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