Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast – Episodes 30 to 21

Ask the Bellhop: “How can I find a tabletop game teacher?”

We also discuss gaming with our kids, Xia expansions, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How do you deal with a terrible rulebook?”

We also discuss Arkwright, two player Gloomhaven, War Chest, the Onitama App. and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What games would you introduce to people who aren’t used to playing games? What games do you use to hook people?”

Review: Shadowrun Beginner Box

We also talk about Shafausa, Scoville Labs,  Shadowrun, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What happened at the Bellhop’s Boardgaming Birthday Bash?”

We also talk about one of our local FLGS (The CG Realm), the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Bandu, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some lesser known 4-6 player board games that can be played after dinner?”

We also talk about Kodama, Sagrada, Checkers (?!), and more.


Ask the Bellhop: “How important is game night food etiquette?” and “What is the best way to organize a food run so it doesn’t cut into game time?”

We talk about our #LessShameMoreGame Challenge, plus Gizmos, Terraforming Mars Prelude, Dinosaur Island, The Duke and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What happened at your big Gaming in the New Year Party?”

Review: Marvel Super Heroes from TSR (the yellow box starter set)

We also talk about fan generated content on Board Game Geek, Gloomhaven, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How do you teach a non-gamer a new game? What is the difference between teaching new vs experienced players?”

We also discuss Sagrada vs Azul, the Minecraft card game, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: We take a look back at 2018, and then a look forward into what we have planned for 2019.

We list our most played games and our favourite games of the year, discuss our first plays of Keyforge, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Are there any good ways of printing off a larger format map?”, “Is ZhanGuo any good at 2 players?”, “Is Concordia the best game ever made?” and “Which would you pick; Marco Polo, Coimbra or Lorenzo?”

We also discuss how we finally beat scenario 71 in Gloomhaven, and more.

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