Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast – Episodes 40 to 31

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some of the best tile laying games where you build something?”

We also discuss Strasbourg, Gugong, Railroad Ink, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How can we help little gamers grow up into great gamers?”

Review: Builders of Blankenburg Fields and Flocks Expansion Preview

We also talk about Stuffed Fables, the DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Multiverse Box, our weekly Gloomhaven campaign, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What is game weight? What is the importance of different ‘weights’ of games and how do they fit into a game night?”

We also talk about War Chest, Kodama, our weekly Gloomhaven campaign, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How do you anticipate when competitiveness can go awry and head it off at the pass? Do you have any rules that set the tone for gaming at your house or your events?”

Review: Demon Lord’s Companion supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord

We also talk about Clank!, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Lords of Waterdeep, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What kinds of games and setup would work well at a wedding reception?”

Review: Race for the Galaxy

We also talk about Builders of Blankenburg, Cypress Legacy, Gloomhaven Scenario 7, and more.


Ask the Bellhop: “What did you think of Breakout Con 2019?”

We also discuss tons of games that we got to check out at Breakout..

Ask the Bellhop: We interview game designer Tracy Barnett.

We also discuss Builders of Blankenburg, the Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Which Kickstarters do you wish you hadn’t backed? Which Kickstarters do you wish you had backed and why?”

We also talk about The Ninth World, Master of Orion The Board Game, Villages of Valeria, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What differentiates a good FLGS from a bad one”

Reviews: Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth The Board Game

We also discuss Gloomhaven, Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid expansion, Xia Legends of a Drift System expansions, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How can I wear the tabletop gamer badge with honour?”

Review: Board Game Stats App

We also discuss War Chest, Tzolk’in expansions, our weekly Gloomhaven game, and more.

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