Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast – Episodes 50 to 41

Ask the Bellhop: “So how was Queen City Conquest?”

We also discuss Gizmos, Go Cuckoo, Planet, Terraforming Mars and much more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Do you have any suggestions for a 5-player game night with non-party games?”

We also talk about Zenteeko, King of the Dice, Raiders of the North Sea, Sorcerer, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some good games for a casual group of 4-6 players for a beer and pretzel kind of game night?” 

We also discuss Cats Mansion, 8Bit Box, Go Cuckoo, Cinque Terre, and more.

Ask the Bellhop Live Ask Us Anything, topics include: 

  • First time cons for board gamers.
  • The board game room badge at Origins.
  • Games that have worked to hook kids on modern boardgaming.
  • Square Tomatoes.
  • Con budgeting.
  • Current top board games.
  • Board games for console gamers.
  • Favourite childhood games.
  • How long it takes to learn to play a game.
  • BGG top 10 thoughts.
  • New trends in modern gaming that we don’t like.
  • Childhood games we would love to see brought back.


We also discuss Gentes, Jarl, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What games did you check out at Origins? What are you excited about?”

We talk about Merlin, Copenhagen, Sorcerer, Catch the Moon, Hacker Operatives H2O, and much more.


Ask the Bellhop: “Do you have any tips on prepping for a gaming convention?”

Review: Alhambra

We also talk about our weekly Gloomhaven game, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What’s the difference between a Euro game and an American game?”

We also discuss Teotihuacan, Xia, Strasbourg, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What is the Spiel Des Jahres, and what’s it’s relevance to the average board game player?”

Review: The Willowmere Vagabonds OSR Module

We also discuss BattleCON, digital Jaipur, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some games with similar mechanics to Settlers of Catan? What are some good follow up games for folks who only want to play Catan?”

We also discuss Brass Birmingham, The Duke, the Colonies expansion for Terraforming Mars, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What makes for a great tabletop game room?”

We also talk about Shogun, the Shadowvale Expansion for Villages of Valeria, War Chest, and more.

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