Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast – Episodes 80 to 71

Ask the Bellhop: Answering questions live, topics include: beverages at the game table, legacy games, modern LARPs, Prospero Hall games and more.

Review: Extermination expansion pack for Horizons

We also discuss Gloomhaven, Medium, Gorus Maxiumus, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What are some older  games that you would recommend? And are there any games where the older edition is better than the more recent?”

Review: Medium from Greater Than Games

We also discuss wargames without army building, the Hall of Heroes expansion for Raiders of the North Sea, Gold West, Terra Mystica, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How do you deal with a game night failure?”

Review: Legacy of Lo Pan expansion for Big Trouble In Little China The Game

We also talk about Medium, War Chest, Pulsar 2849, Raiders of the North Sea, Dungeon Crawl Classic and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “How can I get back into wargaming without the cost of buying, building and painting an army? Are there any good strategic board games that might scratch that itch?”

Review: Gorinto (Preview)

We also discuss Gloomhaven, expansions for Horizons and Orleans, Minecraft Builders & Biomes and more. 

Ask the Bellhop: Answering questions live, topics include: giving up or sticking with games, great games with terrible components / terrible games with great components, social interactions interfering with game night, mystery themed games, con pros and cons, and more

Review: A New Dynasty expansion for Imhotep

We also discuss Azul Summer Pavilion, Gorus Maximus, Terraforming Mars Turmoil, five player game suggestions, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Are there any good word-based games out there besides Scrabble?”

Review: Sorcerer from White Wizard Games

We also discuss Big Trouble In Little China, Azul Summer Pavilion, Lost Cities Rivals, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “What do you do when one or more players can’t make it to game night for whatever reason?”

Review: Escalation expansion for Eminent Domain

We also discuss Gorinto, five-player game suggestions, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Do you participate in any boardgaming-related New Year’s resolutions? Which ones and why (or why not)?”

Review: Chocolatiers

We also discuss Splendor, Ticket to Ride, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Let’s say I have $50 to spend, what are the ten games I should consider getting?”

Review: Tower of Madness

We also talk about Rhino Hero, Horrified, the video game (based on the RPG) Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory, and more.

Ask the Bellhop: “Do you have any recommendations on how to better teach board games? And, do you have any suggestions on how to maintain focus on teaching the game?”

Review: Dead Man’s Cabal

We also discuss Carpe Diem, Imhotep A New Dynasty Expansion, and more.


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