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This is the 58th episode of the Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast, an edited version of our live show recorded on September 11th, 2019. Join us as we stream live every week on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm. Eastern on Twitch. If you like some video with your audio, you can also watch/listen to individual segments from this show on YouTube.

What’s the Problem. Discussing potentially problematic themes in tabletop games. Starting off with a review of Tanto Cuore. Also, first thoughts on Zombicide: Invader and Imhotep Builder of Egypt. Finally, a return to Lotus and Eminent Domain also hits the table after a long hiatus.

Disclosure: Some links below are affiliate links. Using these links costs you nothing extra and we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of producing this show. Some games mentioned in this podcast were provided by publishers in the form of review copies.

This episode includes:

—Viewer/Listener Feedback—

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Dos and Don’ts of Tabletop Gaming at Cafes and Pubs
Bikers, Dice, and Bars Ep 28: Summer Camp Special
Have Movies Will Game
Breakfast Puppies Network
Tabletop Gaming Deals on Twitter

—The Game Room – Tanto Cuore Review—

My thoughts on the non-collectable card game Tanto Cuore from Japanime Games, a deck-building game steeped in anime and Japanese maid culture.

The full review: Tanto Cuore, an Improvement on Dominion with a Unique Theme.
Maids In Japan: From Geisha to Kawaii Culture
Cuteness is served: Exploring Japan’s maid culture.

Pick yourself up a copy of Tanto Cuore.

—Ask The Bellhop—

For today’s topic, we are answering the question “What’s the problem?” as we sit down and discuss potentially problematic content in tabletop games.

Furoticon NSFW
The Comics Code
Consentacle A Card Game of Human Alien Intimacy
Freedom The Underground Railroad
Cry Havoc
Spirit Island
Puerto Rico
Osprey Publishing
Dog Eat Dog
Secret Hitler
Secret Voldemort
Cards Against Humanity



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Zombicide: Invader
Zombicide: Invader Unboxing
Imhotep Builder of Egypt
Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain Escalation

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