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A Focus on Teaching – Board Game Teacher Tips. Dead Man’s Cabal review in The Game Room. Carpe Diem and Imhotep A New Dynasty first thoughts in The Bellhop’s Tabletop.

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—Ask The Bellhop—

This week we’ve got a question from S Darkwell who writes:

“A few months ago, I began a bi-weekly(ish) gaming night. My friends provide the location, and my girlfriend and I provide the games and teach them to play.

I’ve come to realize that I’m atrocious at describing how to play board games. I’m relatively new to these games myself, but if I were to simply sit down and play, I could do so without issue. The moment it comes time to teach others, however, my mind becomes scattered and I begin forgetting even fundamental rules. I regularly spend hours watching board game review/how-to-play videos, but they don’t seem to have improved my teaching skills in any meaningful way.

I suspect the issue is that in any given situation, my focus snaps to the social aspects of the environment. When I should be describing the board game, I’m instead noticing whenever anyone shifts their weight, glances elsewhere, or moves a component.

The irony is that in the past, I’ve been hired to give informative presentations on stage in front of hundreds of people and never had an issue. Something about the smaller more-personal environment makes teaching board games a far greater challenge.

Firstly, do you have any recommendations on how to better teach board games in general?

Secondly, do you have any suggestions on how to maintain focus on teaching the game instead of the people in the room?

Thank you in advance for the advice, and be well!”

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A Call for Questions

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We’re here to answer your questions, this show only works if we’ve got questions to answer….

—The Game Room – Dead Man’s Cabal—

A review of Dead Man’s Cabal from Pandasaurus.

Buy Dead Man’s Cabal

Written Review on our Blog: Dead Man’s Cabal. One of the most uniquely themed board games I’ve ever played.

—The Bellhop’s Tabletop—

A look at what games hit our tabletops over the last week.

Carpe Diem
Imhotep Builder of Egypt
Imhotep A New Dynasty

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