Non-Game Gifts for Gamers – Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Episode 116

Non-Game Gifts for Gamers. Holiday shopping suggestions for shopping for a gamer who doesn’t need more games. Reviews of a couple of independently published filler games: Bricks & Brutes from Nanolocity Games and Knot Dice from Black Oak Games.

Also a return to Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. 

Episode 116 of the Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast, recorded December, 16th 2020. Join us as we stream live every week on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern on Twitch. If you like some video with your audio, you can also watch/listen to individual segments from this show on YouTube.

Disclosure: Some links below are affiliate links. Using these links costs you nothing extra and helps us offset the cost of producing this show. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some games mentioned in this podcast were provided by publishers as review copies.

This episode includes:

—Suggestion Box – Fan Feedback —

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Two Player Games New Hotness
Star Realms

Tyrants of the Underdark Review

Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion Actual Plays

—The Lobby Check In—

We check in with our chatroom on Twitch. Remember you can join us live on Wednesday nights at 9pm eastern at twitch.tv/tabletopbellhop.

—Ask The Bellhop—

Today’s question comes from Chris S who asked:

“With the holidays coming up, what does one get for the gamer that has everything? I have a friend who is the game-buyer for our group, so he doesn’t need games, but it would be great to get him some accessories for the games he has. What do you recommend?”

Box Inserts:
Are Box Inserts Worth It?
Inserts on Etsy
Folded Space 
Meeple Realty 
Game Trayz
Insert Here 

Component Upgrades:
Iron Clays 
3D Printed Game Upgrades 
Fate Tokens 
GeekUp Bit Sets 
Turn Tracker Cards 

Neoprene Mats:
Generic Mats 
Inked Gaming Mats 
Game Toppers Mats 

Cloth Maps and more:
Custom Cloth Map Printing 
Custom Distressed RPG Map 
Retro Dungeon Map Shower Curtain 
Middle Earth Map Area Rug 

Dice Towers and Trays:
Other Dice Towers 
Easy Roller Dice Trays 
Snap Dice Trays 

Board Games Maker Custom Dice 
Easy Roller Metal Dice 
Gem Co Crafts Gemstone Dice 

Component Organization:
Calabash Bowls 
Muffin Cups 
Snap Bowls 
Component Cups 

Gamer Luggage:
Quiver Card Case 
Citadel Deck Block 
Cajon Bag 
Various Board Game Bags 
RPG Adventurer’s Bag 
Photo Case 
Box Bands 
Geek On! Gamer Luggage 

For Card Gamers:
Custom Card Sleeves
Playmat Tubes 
Deck Boxes 

RPG & Co. 

Game Artwork:
Board Game Art at Etsy 
Character Portraits 

Digital Tools and Subscriptions,
Board Game Arena 
Tabletop Simulator 
Syrinscape Subscription 

Send questions to questions@tabletopbellhop.com

—The Game Room: Bricks & Brutes—

A look at Bricks & Brutes a castle wall building game for kids.

Bricks & Brutes Written Review
Buy Bricks & Brutes

—The Game Room: Knot Dice—

A review of Knot Dice a custom set of knotwork dice and games to play with them.

Knot Dice Written Review
Knot Dice Unboxing
Buy Knot Dice

—The Bellhop’s Tabletop—

Gaming stuff we’ve been involved in over the last week:

Bricks & Brutes
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

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