Board Games Like Stratego: Next step games for Stratego fans, Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Episode 239

In this episode, we suggest some great next step games for fans of Stratego.

We also talk about games we’ve been playing, including first thoughts on Dragon Dice, Tiger Stripes, Pirate Tales, and a new Supers RPG that is coming out soon, Indominant.

Then we wrap up with reviews of Sushi Boat, from Japanime Games, and both Endangered and the Endangered: The Monarch Butterfly Scenario, from our sponsor Grand Gamers Guild

Episode 239 of the Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast was recorded on April 17th 2024.

Join us as we record live weekly on Twitch at 8pm Eastern.

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Disclosure: Some links below are affiliate links. Using these links costs you nothing extra and helps us offset the cost of producing this show. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the games mentioned in this podcast were provided by publishers as review copies.

—Ask The Bellhop: Games like Stratego—

“My wife really likes Stratego and is wanting a new board game suggestion, what should we play next?”

Our Recommendations:

Honourable Mention:

From The Lobby

Send your questions to questions@tabletopbellhop.com.

—A Word From Our Sponsor, Grand Gamers Guild—

Check out the latest expansion for Endangered, the Endangered American Red Wolf Scenario box. In addition to a new impact deck, and some awesome wolf meeples this expansion also introduces two new mechanics, farms and the influential groups deck. 

This recently did really well on Kickstarter hitting 3361% off its funding goal. In addition to the endangered expansion the Kickstarter also included a brand new 18 card escape room game, Endangered Rescue, all about saving the Galapagos penguins.

This expansion and new game should be showing up any day now in the Endangered section of the Grand Gamers Guild website.

Use our code BELLHOP to save 10% or ask your FLGS to get it in when it hits retail later this year.


Our next Brews & Board Games event at the Walkerville Brewery is this Thursday, April 25th.

It runs from 5-9 pm. Bring your own games or play some of ours!

Find more info on the Walkerville Brewery webpage.

—The Bellhop’s Tabletop—

What we’ve been playing lately:

–Sushi Boat Review—

Sushi Boat is fantastic looking game with over the top components and a very fun theme, that is also more unforgiving than we expected.

—Endangered Review Review—

Endangered is a poignant, cooperative, dice placement game with the theme of saving endangered species and it’s one of the best cooperative games we’ve ever played.

—Endangered Monarch Butterfly Scenario Review—

A small expansion for Endangered you won’t be able to find in stores. It gives you a new species to try to save, the Monarch Butterfly.

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