Getting the Lowdown on H2O with Phil Vecchione – Guest Check-In

We interview Phil Vecchione about his new RPG Hydro Hacker Operatives #Podcast #Interview #RPG #PBtA #TabletopBellhop #tabletop

This is our first Guest Check-In interview show, this podcast is an edited audio version of our live show recorded on October 25th, 2018. Join us as we answer your gaming and game night questions live every week on Wednesday’s at 9:30 Eastern on Twitch. If you like some video with your audio you can also watch/listen to an unedited version of the show over on YouTube.

Guest Check-In is the name for our Tabletop Bellhop Live interview show. Today’s guest is Phil Vecchione who will be talking to us about his new roleplaying game Hydro Hacker Operatives or H2O.

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This episode includes:

—Tabletop Gaming Weekly—

A look at what games hit The Bellhop’s table over the last week. This week we are mixing it up and finding out what games hit Phil’s table.

Game Links:

Fate Accelerated
Hydro Hacker Operatives Ashcan Edition
Turning Point (In playtesting)
Dungeon World
The Legacy Weapon (A two player one shot for Dungeon World)
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Scum & Villainy
Monster of the Week
Action Movie World
Dungeons & Dragons
DCC Dice

Other Links:

Gauntlet Con
Queen City Conquest

—Ask The Bellhop—

This week we are turning things around. Sean and I are the ones asking the questions. We talk to Phil about his game Hydro Hacker Operatives. We also discuss Powered by the Apocalypse and modern Indie gaming in general.

Games mentioned during this segment, in the order mentioned:

Hydro Hacker Operatives aka H2O
Rockerboys & Vending Machines
Apocalypse World (2nd Ed)
Dungeon World
Fate Core
FASA Star Trek
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition
Power Grid
Never Unprepared

Other Links:

Queen City Conquest
Tabletop Bellhop Live: Queen City Conquest Recap
Misdirected Mark
Tabletop Bellhop Never Unprepared Review

—Lobby Check-In—

Questions for Phil from our audience.

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