Review Policy

Tabletop Bellhop has been around since 2018. In that time we’ve recorded over two hundred episodes of The Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast. We’ve also published hundreds of reviews and gaming advice articles here on this website.

We record our episodes live on Twitch. The edited audio is turned into our podcast and the full video is split and published on YouTube as both full episodes and standalone reviews.

Whenever we play a game, we talk about it in the Bellhop’s Tabletop segment of our weekly podcast. We only review a game once we’ve played it multiple times, ideally with different people and at different player counts. Reviews are released on our podcast, followed up with a written review on our website.

When we review a game that has been sent to us by a designer or publisher we clearly disclose this.

In our reviews we discuss: who made the game, what it looks and feels like, an overview of how to play, our thoughts on the game, and who we think will dig it.

We never take payment for a review and we do not guarantee a positive review. However, even when we don’t enjoy a game, we focus on the various game elements and on who we think would enjoy it

When you send us a game it:

We require a complete copy of the game to do with as we wish, including potentially gifting or selling the game, using it as a giveaway prize, or putting it in a charity auction.

If we agree to review a prototype or Kickstarter game, we expect to receive a completed production copy with all stretch goals as thanks for our help with your successfully funded project.

When asked to ship a prototype game on to another reviewer, we expect to be reimbursed.

While the majority of our audience is in the US we are located in Canada. To work with us you have to be willing to ship to Canada. If we are asked to pay duty we will forward that cost on to the person or company who sent the parcel.

We ask that you share our content. We expect you to share links to our review on the social media platforms of your choice and to link to our review from your website or Kickstarter page.

We require a minimum of 6 to 10 weeks lead time, and we cannot guarantee publication by a certain date.

We only review games with completed rules and preferably near-finished components. If you are looking for feedback on your prototype game or assistance with editing your rulebook that is a paid service we offer.

If you are looking to promote your crowdfunding project and want specific material produced within a specific timeline, that is not a review. Crowdfunding previews are a paid service we offer.

Please reach out to moe@tabletopbellhop.com to request a rate sheet if you’re interested in advertising or any of our other paid services.

Publishers we’ve worked with in the past include:

    • Academy Games
    • Atlas Games
    • B5 Productions
    • Bicycle Cards
    • Black Oak Games
    • Board & Dice
    • Breaking Games
    • Brian Shoemaker, Independent Designer
    • Catalyst Games Labs
    • Cobblestone Games
    • Czech Games Edition 
    • Crazzybox
    • Daily Magic Games
    • Dan Ackerman, Independent Designer
    • Drawlab
    • Eagle-Gryphon Games
    • Escape Welt
    • Everything Epic Games
    • Exploding Kittens
    • Fireside Games
    • Folded Space
    • Free League Publishing
    • Gale Force Nine
    • Gap Closer Games
    • Good Games Publishing 
    • Grand Gamers Guild
    • Greater Than Games
    • Grumpy Spider Games
    • HABA
    • Half-Monster Games
    • Hidden Games Industries
    • Hit ‘Em With A Shoe Games
    • House Fish Balloon
    • Iello
    • Innocent Traveler Games
    • Inside the Box
    • Inside Up Games
    • Island of Bees
    • Jabuka Games Inc.
    • James M. Spahn, Independent Designer
    • Japanime Games
    • Jason Anarchy Games
    • Jeff Lai, Independent Designer
    • KOSMOS
    • KTBG
    • Lucky Duck Games
    • Max Gautier, Independent Designer
    • Mercury Games
    • Meridae Games
    • Mindclash Games
    • Mobile Escape 
    • Mysterious Package Company
    • Nanolocity Games
    • The Op Games
    • Organic Aromas
    • Outset Media
    • Paizo
    • Pandasaurus Games
    • Paverson Games
    • Pegasus Spiele
    • Puzzling Pursuits
    • QPlay
    • Queen Games
    • Quiver Time
    • Ravensburger
    • Rebel Studio
    • Renegade Game Studios
    • Reversal Games
    • Rock Manor Games
    • Skybound Tabletop
    • Smirk & Dagger
    • Snowbright Studio
    • Solar Flare Games
    • Spin Master Games
    • Steamforged Games
    • Stonemaier Games
    • Stronghold Games
    • Sunrise Tornado
    • Tasty Minstrel Games
    • Thames & Kosmos
    • Third Eye Games
    • Thomas Novosel, Independent Designer
    • Tracy Alan, Independent Designer
    • Tyto Games
    • Ulisses Spiele
    • Unidragon
    • Wallace Designs
    • Wise Wizard Games
    • Wonderment Games
    • Zenteeko

We’ve produced over a hundred tabletop gaming advice articles and over two hundred written reviews, and counting.

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If you’re a publisher or designer that wants to work with us, reach out to moe@tabletopbellhop.com to request a copy of our press kit with current website and podcast stats. 

The Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast is a 2023 Origins Awards finalist!

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