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Each week Sean and I will be will be answering your game, gaming and game night questions.

We record the show live every Wednesday night at 8:30pm Eastern over on Twitch. We then take that Twitch video, do some minor edits and release that edited video to YouTube. We then take edited audio and refine it some more and release that as The Tabletop Bellhop Live podcast every Tuesday morning at 2am Eastern.

Our general show format:

Intro – We welcome everyone to the show.

Feedback – feedback from our audience. Positive and negative.

Tabletop Gaming Weekly – a look back at games played and any special events attended the week previous.

Lobby Check-In – here we interact with fans that have joined us live on Twitch.

Announcements – Any new reviews, news and other important information we need to get out.

Ask the Bellhop – Here we answer gaming and game night questions.

Lobby Check-In – another check in with our fans joining us live.

Patreon Shout Out – thanks to our Patreon Backers.

Closing – the end of the show

Penthouse Suite – after the show ends Sean and I hang around on Twitch and interact with the chatroom. This audio gets cut from the YouTube video and the Podcast but is available to Patrons of the show.

For this to work, we need questions!

So please click on ASK THE BELLHOP and start asking away!

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