Handmade & Unique, Tabletop Gaming at Etsy

There are tons of AMAZING Etsy creators out there making tabletop gaming items. From board game components upgrades to deluxe dice towers, you name it, some one is crafting it.

This is a partial list of the Etsy stores we’ve found that sell handcrafted and unique tabletop gaming related goods. 

NOTE FOR US SHOPPERS: Most of these sellers will ship to the U.S., but you may incur duty. Whenever a shop is located within the United States I’ve noted it in the list.

NOTE FOR CANADIAN SHOPPERS: Most of these sellers will ship to Canada, but you may incur duty. Whenever a shop is located within Canada I’ve noted it in the list.

Disclosure: Links in this post are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, we just get a small commission from people using these links.

  • The 3D Geekery (United States)
    Featuring: Dice Masters tokens and dice cases, board game add-ons, geeky jewellery and more.
    Shop Now

  • BGHQ (United States)
    Featuring: board game component upgrades, pawns, tokens and more.
    Shop Now

  • Daft Concepts (United Staes)
    Featuring: game component upgrades, inserts/organizers, 10 by 10 challenge boards and more.
    Shop Now

  • Dakota Irish (Ireland)
    Featuring: unique dice sets (including dice with real flowers in them, glow-in-the-dark dice, wood dice, metal dice, etc), dice vaults, dice towers, dice trays,
    Shop Now

  • Dungeon Keep (Canada) is offering free shipping.
    Featuring: dice bags, inspiration tokens, coins, custom spell books, and more.
    Shop Now

  • Ender Toyz (United States)
    Featuring: miniature bases, scenery, paint racks and more.
    Shop Now

  • Epic Wares (United States)
    Featuring: greeting cards, stickers, pins, notebooks, underwear and more
    Shop Now

  • Fun Board Games (United States)
    Featuring: game piece trays, condition tokens, scenery, gaming accessories and more.
    Shop Now

  • Game Vetz (United States)
    Featuring: dice towers and many geeky themed clocks, lamps, wall art, etc.
    Shop Now

  • Game Up (United States)
    Featuring: board game upgrades and RPG scenery.
    Shop Now

  • Hoop and Loom (United States)
    Featuring: dice bags, hand-lettered designs turned into stickers and more.
    Shop Now

  • Kaer Rune
    Featuring: dice trays, dice towers, coins, movement trays, scenery, miniatures and more.
    Shop Now

  • SALE – The Rusty Bison (United States) is offering up to 25% off sitewide.
    Featuring: custom leather dice trays, engraved inspiration tokens, dice ornaments and more.
    Shop Now

  • Sharp Threadz (United Kingdom) is on hiatus.
    Featuring: collapsable dice trays
    Shop Now

  • Tabletop Things (United States)
    Featuring: multilevel ships (terrain), inspiration trackers, scenery, dungeon tiles and more.
    Shop Now

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