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Over the past little while, we’ve been spotting quite a few great gaming deals and sales over at Game Nerdz. Enough so that we’ve decided that Game Nerdz needs to have its own separate deals page.

Disclosure: We are a Game Nerdz affiliate. The links in the post are affiliate links and we make a small commission when you make a purchase via one of these links.

Free Shipping: Game Nerdz has a standard deal of offering free shipping on orders over $75 (you can check out their shipping policy for full details).

Customer Holds: They also have a system where you can place Customer Holds on items, waiting until you find enough items to hit the $75 threshold for free shipping. You have to first request that the Customer Hold option be added to your account (You can find all of the details about how this holds system works here).

Board Games on Sale

Collectible Card Games on Sale

  • Magic: The Gathering 2021 Challenger Decks (Set Of 4 Decks) for 42% off – Get it for $69.97
  • Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven, School Of Mages Commander Decks (Set Of 5) for 35% off – Get it for $129.97
  • Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Champions Onslaught Booster Box for 51% off – Get it for $46.97

Miniature Games on Sale

Family & Kids Games on Sale

Roleplaying Games on Sale

Ding & Dent Board Game Deals

Ding & Dent RPG Deals

  • Doctor Who RPG: The Gamemaster’s Companion for 45% off – Get it for $21.97
  • PRICE DROP – Immersive Battle Maps Vol. II: Sci-Fi Space Atlas with Re-Usable Sticker Sheet for 52% off – Get it for $28.97
  • Infinity: Rulebook N3 (3rd Edition) for 36% off – Get it for $44.97

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