Game Nerdz HUGE ONE DAY ONLY Nerdz Day Sale

EDIT: This year’s Nerdz Day Sale has ended. If you’re looking for more great deals on board games and RPGS, check out our list of online tabletop gaming deals featuring deals from over thirty online storefronts.

This year’s Nerdz Day Sale is tomorrow, August 11th. This is Game Nerdz’s big annual one day only sale. 100 items will be marked down. The items in this list will be on sale until 1pm EDT on Saturday, August 12th, or until they sell out.

We don’t know what the percent off is going to be. However, based on last few year’s Nerdz Day Sale we can guess that the deals will be in the 40 to 60% off range. There will be limited copies of each game available, and they can sell out pretty quickly, so you want to pay attention to when each game goes live.

There are silly riddles, you can try and guess which games will be featured. Until they go live each game has a riddle for a name.

  • Nerdz Day takes place on August 11th, 2023, starting at 1pm EDT and ending at 10pm EDT.
  • The sale will last for ten hours, with ten secret deals going live each hour starting at 1pm EDT.
  • The final 10 items will go live beginning at 10:00 PM EDT. 

You can check out the official Nerdz Day FAQ over on their site.

Disclosure: Links in this post are affiliate links. When you make a purchase I earn a commission at no cost to you.

TIP #1: The games are scheduled to go live on the hour, and every two minutes thereafter. Based on what happened last year, they are likely being done manually. It takes them a few minutes to show up. For example, last year some of the games scheduled for 2pm ET weren’t there until 12 minutes after 2pm. A difference this year is that the scheduled times are spaced out, two minutes apart, and each game/clue has it’s one listed start time.

TIP #2: When the games first go live they show as out of stock. (Again, this is based on what happened during last year’s Nerdz Day sale.) It looks like there are manually adding stock to the listing AFTER they put the listing live. For example, Marvel Champions went live at around 8 minutes after the hour and it looked like it was already sold out. Then a few minutes later it showed as having over two hundred copies in stock. So, if you see an Out Of Stock notice and it’s close to when that game just launched wait a few minutes and hit refresh.

TIP #3: Even if something is marked as out of stock (or marked as “SOLD OUT” in the list below), it may come back into stock. The way this works is, when someone places a game into their cart it’s removed from the in stock inventory count. Then if that person doesn’t check out, or they later remove the item from their cart, that game will get added back into the in stock inventory count. So something that shows as out of stock may pop back into stock, and back out, and back in. The take away here is, if you see something you REALLY want you should keep an eye on it for a bit and keep hitting refresh. This is particularly true for a game, such as for example Star Wars Rebellion, which is marked as “See price in cart.” Tons of people will be adding it to their cart to see the price and not all of them will be buying.

Free Shipping: Game Nerdz has a standard deal of offering free shipping on orders over $75 (you can check out their shipping policy for full details).

Customer Holds: Game Nerdz has a nifty system where you can place Customer Holds on items, waiting until you find enough items to hit the $75 threshold for free shipping. You have to first request that the Customer Hold option be added to your account (You can find all of the details about how this holds system works here). If you are reading this post prior to Nerdz Day you probably want to set up customer holds NOW.

The items in this list will be on sale until 1pm ET on August 12th, or until they sell out.

First Hour: Starting at 1pm ET

  • Hint: “An elephant, a monkey, a giraffe and a lion walk into a bar” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Ark Nova for $39.97 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE) SOLD OUT

Second Hour: Starting at 2pm ET

  • Hint: “It took me eight chapters to build this town, so I’m not sharing it!”(board game) – LIVE NOW – My City for $18.97, SOLD OUT

Third Hour: Starting at 3pm ET

  • Hint: “A gambling good time for 2-9” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Ready Set Bet for $21.97 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Crown me the victor of this face-off” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Splendor Duel for $16.79 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

Fourth Hour: Starting at 4pm ET

  • Hint: “Not so easy a caveman could do it.” (board game) – Live Now – Endless Winter: Paleoamericans for $36 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Wakey, Wakey, eggs and …open-world adventure game?” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Sleeping Gods for $52.97, SOLD OUT

Fifth Hour: Starting at 5pm ET

  • Hint: “The fun of a painting competition without the mess.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Canvas for $23.39 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Is it an expansion? Is it a stand-alone? The debate makes my heart flutter!” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Wingspan Asia for $21.97, SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “You must be a bold & cold leader to survive this post apocalypse.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Frostpunk: The Board Game for $71.99 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Keep your composure while you commission compositions from composers.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Lacrimosa for $42.97, 9 copies left!

  • Hint: “Don’t take too long enchanting the shops, or else this game will drag on.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Flamecraft for $20.78, SOLD OUT

Sixth Hour: Starting at 6pm ET

  • Hint: “Another dimension, not only of dice and cards, but of dry-erase markers.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Twilight Inscription for $33.79 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

Seventh Hour: Starting at 7pm ET

  • Hint: “Money-hungry Garfields” (board game) – Root for $33.60 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Rainforests that grow risk the dangers below!” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Canopy for $14.97, SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Nerdz Day clues are fun and thats a fact!” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Fun Facts for $13.99 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

Eight Hour: Starting at 8pm ET

  • Hint: “Throwin’ bones and blueberries.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Woodcraft for $35.97, SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Expeditious race through the golden Arch’s.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Archeos Society for $29.99 (ADD TO CART TO SEE THIS PRICE), SOLD OUT

Ninth Hour: Starting at 9pm ET

  • Hint: “What if Cyberpunk and Waterworld had a baby?” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Radlands for $13.47, SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “I guess a 20-minute war is better than a 6-year war!” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Blitzkrieg! for $21.97, SOLD OUT

Tenth Hour: Starting at 10pm ET

  • Hint: “Let’s hope this game of horticulture lives up to its name.” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Evergreen for $27.97, SOLD OUT

  • Hint: “Boards and Dice, and tiles, and um…” (board game) – LIVE NOW – Tiletum for $29.97, SOLD OUT

On top of the special Nerdz Day deals, Game Nerdz also has a sizeable sale section with some amazing prices.

Here are a few hot deals that caught our eye:

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