Tabletop Bellhop’s HUGE 200th Episode Giveaway!

First up, in case this is your first visit — What the heck is Tabletop Bellhop?

We’re a podcast and a website dedicated to answering gaming questions and sharing game reviews.

Our goal is to be a Dear Abby for tabletop gamers. We want to use our many years of gaming experience to help make your game nights better.

We want to help people find new games to play. We want to help people make informed decisions about their game collections. We want to help you organize your game nights for maximum fun and entertainment. We want to inform people about new and hot titles. We want to tell everyone about the older games they might have missed out on. We want to help people save money on games.

Overall, we want to help you and your game group have more fun doing that thing we all love: gaming.

Now, on to the giveaway!

Help us celebrate the 200th episode of The Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast by entering our largest game giveaway ever!

We reached out to a number of game publishers that we’ve worked with over the last 199 podcast episodes and asked if they would be willing to help us celebrate this arbitrary milestone by donating games, specifically games we’ve enjoyed and reviewed over the past few years, as prizes. And man, oh man, did they ever step up!

We’ve got twelve awesome sponsors for this 200th episode giveaway, and a total of 39 (!!?!!!) different prizes that we are giving away.

Sponsor: AEG

AEG has offered up two fantastic games for this giveaway.

The first is Space Base, a fantastic roll for resources game that blew us away. We loved Space Base right from the start and it continues to hit our table on a regular basis. We love how it plays great at all player counts and the way everyone is involved in every roll.

One tip: be sure to use the light speed variant to get things moving at higher player counts.

The second game that AEG is providing is Point Salad, a game that took us far too long to discover. While we had heard the hype it wasn’t until we sat down to play for the first time that the brilliance of this game clicked in.

We love how simple Point Salad is to teach, how well it scales to different player counts, and how portable it is. We now keep a copy in our van so it’s always there if we get the urge to play while out and about.

Check out our reviews:

Prizes: 1 copy of Space Base, 1 copy of Point Salad

Available to: US and Canada

Sponsor: Escape Welt

Up until this year, we didn’t even know that wooden escape boxes were a thing, but now we’ve become big fans. We’ve reviewed two of these puzzle boxes from Escape Welt, the House of the Dragon and the Fort Knox Box. Of the two we found the Fort Knox Box to be the more intuitive and enjoyable experience, and we’re super excited to be able to give away a copy.

(Deal Alert: If you happen to go shopping at the Escape Welt website, you can save 10% when you use our special code BELLHOP.)

Check out our reviews:

Prize: Fort Knox Box

Available to: Worldwide

Sponsor: Free League Publishing

It’s no secret that Moe loves RPG beginner boxes and, as stated in our review, the One Ring Starter Set is one of the most impressive RPG starter sets he’s ever seen. Big thanks to Free League for not only offering up this starter set but also the full core rules plus the Loremaster’s Screen, in both phsycial and digital packages. This game captures the feel of Tolkien’s work better than any other fantasy RPG.

Check out our review:

Prizes: The One Ring Bundle (includes The One Ring core rulebook, The One Ring Starter Set, and The Loremaster’s Screen and Rivendell Compendium). There are four prizes in total, one physical copy of The One Ring Bundle and three digital copies.

Available to: Worldwide

Sponsor: Good Games Publishing

Befitting their name, we’ve never played a bad game from Good Games Publishing. Land vs Sea is a fantastic, welcoming, tile laying game that’s perfect for new players but also features scalable play options that are great for keeping heavy gamers happy.

Guild Master is a very cool programmed movement game that has you running your own fantasy adventure guild. Both of these games surprised us with their depth and replayability, and we continue to return to them months after our reviews were published.

Check out our reviews:

Prizes: 1 copy of Guild Master, 1 copy of Land vs Sea

Available to: US and Canada

Sponsor: Grand Gamers Guild

We have to thank Marc Specter from Grand Gamers Guild for getting this entire thing rolling. It was Marc who first reached out to Moe and offered to work with us to help promote our 200th episode and planted the idea that led to this huge giveaway.

Marc is offering up two of Grand Gamers Guilds Holiday Hijinx card games. These are small deck “escape room in a box” style games that have been getting rave reviews.

While Gorinto is one of our favourite games from Grand Gamers Guild we also really dug Roll Camera and Chiseled.

Check out our reviews:

Prizes: Two winners will each get the Holiday Hijinks game of their choice.

Available to: US and Canada

Sponsor: Hidden Games

Twenty-one games! Can you believe Hidden Games is offering up twenty-one games, a.k.a a game a day, for this giveaway? The games are really solid too. These are some of the best murder mystery games that we’ve played. Games where you dump a bunch of information on the table in the form of letters, pictures, maps, photographs, etc. and you and your friends piece together the clues to figure out whodunnit. Now some of the games are localized to either the US or Canada but that doesn’t change anything about their playability. The US version of Case No.1 can still be played in Canada and vice versa.

Check out our review:

Prizes: 7 copies of The Maplebrook Case, 7 copies of The New Haven Case, and 7 copies of The Midnight Crown.

Available to: US and Canada

Sponsor: Japanime Games

Here we have two card games that really surprised us. First off was Tanto Cuore which is so much more than just Dominion with Japanese maid artwork. A randomized deck of cards being added to the otherwise static market keeps things fresh and the ability to chamber your maids is a very cool take on deck thinning.

Then we have Cowboy Bebop Space Serenade which ended up on both Moe and Sean’s best new to us games of 2022 list. This combination of board game and deck builder does a fantastic job of giving you that Cowboy Bebop feel. It also features some very cool deck-building mechanics we had never seen before. This one is a must try for any Bebop or deck building fan, and if you happen to be both you really need to check this game out.

Check out our reviews:

Prizes: 1 copy of Cowboy Bebop Space Serenade, 1 copy of Tanto Cuore

Available to: US and Canada

Sponsor: The Op

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Epic Alliances is a very cool skirmish battle game featuring Disney and Pixar Characters. It features very cool acrylic standees and a four chapter onboarding system that makes the game very approachable.

Even cooler you can go back and play with the rules from earlier chapters which makes this a game that can scale with player experience which will allow you to play with the kids or challenge your CCG tournament winning friend to a game.

Check out our review of the Core Set and basic system:

Prize: One winner is going to get the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Epic Alliances Core Set plus the Turning the Tide expansion, the Thrills & Chills expansion, and the brand new Leading the Charge expansion.

Available to: Worldwide

Sponsor: Puzzling Pursuits

At this point, we’ve now checked out quite a few “escape room in a box” style games. Of all of them, Blackbrim 1876 stands out as the best to play with a group of five or six players. The way this game splits the puzzles into separate bite sized chunks that were independent of each other works great for larger groups. It meant each of us could do our own thing and when stuck ask for help. We can’t wait to try La Famiglia next.

Check out our review:

Prize: Blackbrim 1876 (or game of choice)

Available to: US, Canada and UK

Sponsor: Rebel Studio

Chronicles of Avel is a very cool cooperative kids’ game that should also appeal to adult gamers. It’s a tower defense game at its heart and features a unique bag pull treasure and inventory system. My kids really dug this one as did our friends, Tori and Kat (and every player we’ve ever played with has had way too much fun colouring their character sheet before game play).

Check out our review:

Prize: Chronicles of Avel bundle with base game, Adventurer’s Toolkit, and Meeple stickers.

Available to: Worldwide

Sponsor: Ulisses Spiele

If you listen to our podcast you’ve heard us go on (and on) about Aventuria Adventure Card Game. We really do love Aventuria and continue to check out more and more content for it. This is one of the best cooperative games we’ve ever played. It’s Moe’s top 5 game of all time and Sean’s number 7.

Check out our reviews:

Prize: Aventuria Adventure Card Game Base Set

Available to: US and Canada

Sponsor: Unidragon

While it may be debatable as to whether or not puzzles count as tabletop games, we can’t deny the fun our family had while putting together Unidragon’s Majestic Wolf Puzzle. We loved the quality of the wooden pieces, the artwork, and the unique shapes waiting to be discovered as you build the puzzle. We also had a great time playing with Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia, which had some actual game elements to it.

(Deal Alert: If you happen to go shopping at the Unidragon website, you can save 10% when you use our special code BELLHOP.)

Check out our reviews:

Prize: Winner’s choice of any one puzzle, up to King Size.

Available to: US, Canada and Europe.

Thirty-nine Tabletop Bellhop followers are going to win a prize, will one of them be you?

EDIT: This giveaway has now ended.

Be sure to visit all of our awesome sponsors to thank them for their support!

This giveaway starts on March 14th at 2:00 AM Eastern and will end at 12:00 AM Eastern on April 5th. Winners will be contacted by email. If a winner does not reply to our email within three days of receipt then we will redraw and pick a new winner for that prize.

This giveaway is open to folks worldwide. Some of the prizes are available worldwide and some are only available to residents of the United States and Canada. Prizes are determined randomly. You don’t get to choose from the list. A random winner will be drawn for each prize. Good luck!

Thanks again to our awesome sponsors:

And of course a HUGE THANK YOU to our awesome listeners. The entire concept behind this giveaway was to find a way to give back to our fans. From those who have been with us on this journey since day one, to those who just started following along in the past few days, thank you for being part of our community.

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