Origins Online Pin Bazaar 2021 Pins, A List of Where to Buy Pin Bazaar Pins Online

With Origins taking place both in person and virtually this year, part of the hunt for pins has moved online!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, many publishers and vendors offer special enamel pins that you can earn or purchase during Origins (and other large conventions, check out our guide to hunting for Gen Con Pins HERE).

There are so many beautiful enamel gaming themed pins out there. Sometimes it’s a little fuzzy as to what’s an official Origins or Pin Bazaar Pin and what’s not. I decided to err on the side of including more pretty shinies and have included anyone who is has a booth at Origins this year, virtual or I.R.L., who also happens to have a pin (or two) available for sale on their site.

Earn Free Rares!

Purchase pins from participating companies and email copies of your receipts to rares@foambrain.com for free rare pins! ($3 shipping fee applies if not ordered with something from the Foam Brain Games webstore).

6 Pins: 1 Rare Pin
9 Pins: Both of this year’s Rare Pins

For full details check out the official Origins Pin Bazaar page.

If you look at the list below you will see that I have marked the pins that will qualify towards earning rares. They look like this (qualifies for rares).

The Giant List of Where to Find Origins Pins:

9th Level Games

25th Century Games

Allen Panakal, Artist (this year’s Artist Guest of Honor)

Andrew Thompson, Artist

Black Oak Workshop

Brotherwise Games

C&C Games

Creature Curation

See their full list of pins here.

Here is a partial list:

Free shipping within the US.

Dbl Feature

Emberwind Roleplaying Game

Flint & Feather

Flood Gate Games

Foam Brain Games

Geeky Endeavors



Indie Press Revolution (Evil Hat Productions)

Infinite Black

Japanime Games

Joe Slucher, Fantasy Illustrator

My Little Demon

They have an assortment of enamel pins based on their popular My Little Demon plushies and art prints.

Norse Foundry

Pollia Design

Prolific Games

Savage Sparrow Studios

Steve Jackson Games

Disclosure: The following links are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase we get a small commission.

If you’re looking for more beautiful pins to collect, here’s a small list of etsy artists that are creating lovely tabletop gaming themed enamel pins:

And don’t forget to check out our list of where to find Gen Con Pin Bazaar pins online. There is some overlap, but still, quite a few pins are on that list that are not featured here.

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