Amazon Stealth Sale: Save an Extra 5% Off When You Buy Any 4 Games

EDIT: This sale has ended. If you are looking for more great deals on tabletop games, check out our daily tabletop gaming deals page, where we normally share the best everyday deals around the net for board games, card games, RPGs and miniatures.

Amazon has an odd little stealth sale going on right now where you can save an extra 5% off when you buy any four eligible games. 5% off doesn’t seem like much, but most of these games are already marked down, making for some good deals.

It’s not always easy to spot the eligible games on Amazon, so we’ve rounded them all up here.

There are a ton of games in this sale already and more are still being added. Be sure to check back, we are adding new items constantly.

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Tabletop Games On Sale at Amazon

Here is a list of all of the tabletop games that are eligible for the “save an additional 5% off when you buy 4” deal that we’ve spotted so far (new ones are continuing to be added).

Hobby Games Included in the Sale

Classic & Mass Market Games included in the Sale

Party Games included in the Sale

Kids Games included in the Sale

Folk Art & Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints

A cheap option for painting miniatures or scenery. There are TONS of colours of Folk Art and Apple Barrel acrylic paints included in this sale and many of them are already marked down to under $1.

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