Five Year Anniversary Giveaway!

First up, in case this is your first visit — What the heck is Tabletop Bellhop?

We’re a podcast and a website dedicated to answering gaming questions and sharing game reviews.

Our goal is to be a Dear Abby for tabletop gamers. We want to help make your game nights better.

We want to help people find new games to play. We want to help people make informed decisions about their game collections. We want to help you organize your game nights for maximum fun and entertainment. We want to inform people about new and hot titles. We want to tell everyone about the older games they might have missed out on. We want to help people save money on games.

Overall, we want to help you and your game group have more fun doing that thing we all love: gaming.

Now, on to the giveaway!

Help us celebrate the anniversary of The Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast by entering our 5th Birthday Giveaway!

It’s a little surreal to think that we’ve been doing this for five years! Whew. Wow.

As a thank you to all of our listeners and fans we want to give you the chance to win one of our favourite games from the past year.

We had Sean and Moe take a look through all of the “new to us” games that we’ve played since last July and made a list of five of their favourites (limited to games that are currently in print and readily available for sale on Amazon), and here’s what they came up with :

One winner will get their choice of one game from the list above.

We are also offering up a very “limited edition” Bellhop mug. A few years back Sean got two of these mugs printed up so that he and Moe could each have one. And as a special birthday present, we’ve printed up just two more of these mugs to offer as prizes in this giveaway.

As we go into our sixth year of podcasting, we are looking for some feedback on the show, so entries mostly involve answering questions like “What’s your favourite review?” While any answer that isn’t utter jibberish will qualify as an entry for the giveaway we would really appreciate genuine feedback. Thanks in advance for taking a moment to think it through and give us your honest feedback.

Three Tabletop Bellhop followers are going to win a prize, will one of them be you?

5th Anniversary Favourites Giveaway

This giveaway starts on Wednesday, July 26th and will end at 12:00 AM Eastern on August 24th. Winners will be contacted by email. If a winner does not reply to our email within three days of receipt then we will redraw and pick a new winner for that prize.

This giveaway is open to folks in Canada and the United States. You can only win once. The first winner we draw will get their choice of one of five games, and the second and third winners that we draw will each get a Tabletop Bellhop mug.

Again, we want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our awesome listeners. From those who have been with us on this journey since day one, to those who just started following along in the past few days, thank you so much for being part of our community.

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