Aldabas Unboxing, a uniquely themed tableau building card game.

Check out what you get in the box for Aldabas the card game from Grand Gamers Guild, a game about knockers.

In the city of Cartagena in Columbia, you will find buildings adorned with elaborate door-knockers. These whimsical and beautiful artifacts once represented the profession and social status of the occupants. 

Aldabas is a tableau building card game based on those ornate knockers. 

Disclosure: Thanks to Grand Gamers Guild for providing us with a review copy of Aldabas. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Using them costs you nothing but gives us a small commission. In addition, we welcome you to use our special code BELLHOP to save 10% when shopping at Grand Gamers Guild.

Aldabas Unboxing Video

From the Publisher:

Aldabas is a full euro-game in a tiny box. A puzzle of a tableau-builder in which you seek to fill your neighborhood with the most influential citizens. On each turn, you’ll take actions to build your neighborhood or increase your wealth. Clever placement will unlock bonuses, but only if you build up your influence with the different professions wisely… it’s not enough to merely win over a profession, you must also satisfy its conditions well, to really reap the rewards it has to offer! Each profession has different priorities, so make sure that you keep an eye on how to score best from the ones that you favor!


Since recording this video we’ve played Aldabas a number of times. As you can read in our Aldabas Review, what surprised me the most is just how much depth this game has.

While we did find some issues with graphic design and the way the vault worked for storing and hiding your coins, the gameplay kept us coming back.

Remember if you do end up picking up this, or any other game, direct from Grand Gamers Guild, be sure to use our special code BELLHOP to save 10% off.

Aldabas Doors of Cartagena
  • In Cartagena, Colombia, the doors speak.
  • A full euro-game in a tiny box.
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