#UNBOXING Animal Empire, an anthropomorphic empire building card game for up to eight players

A live unboxing of the board game Animal Empire from Half-Monster Games. This is a two to eight player card game that plays in under an hour. Expand your empire, take over enemy empires and make the other players your vasals.

Control the majority of the kingdoms to win. Animal Empire was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2019. This unboxing features the retail version of the game.

Disclosure: Half-Monster games provided me with a review copy of Animal Empire. No other compensation was provided.

What you get with a copy of Animal Empire from Half-Monster games:

From the publisher:

Capture kingdoms, build your armies, and conquer the world in this intense medieval anthropomorphic card game from Half-Monster Games.

As one of the Animal Monarchs, you gain and army to deploy to a vast undiscovered world of kingdoms ready to be brought into your Empire. The other players are attempting to build their empires too, and friends can become enemies and vice versa in the blink of an eye. Each Army has one of four special abilities relating to their species, as well, so the strategic depth of the game gets richer every time you play.

Explore a rich world with lore, secrets, alliances, battle, betrayal, and conquer your friends to make them fight for your side as Vassals.

Be wary though: conquered Vassals still control their own Kingdoms and Armies, and can rebel against you at any time. You can punish and reward your subjugated underlings by taking or giving kingdoms, but this takes up valuable actions… how will you rule?

Put your strategic, diplomatic, and command skills to the ultimate test in Animal Empire: Conquer or be Conquered!

If you are interested in checking out this card game you can buy Animal Empire directly from Half Monster Games.

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