UNBOXING Back to the Future Dice Through Time, a family weight cooperative board game for 2 to 4 players

Here’s a look at what you get with the board game Back to the Future Dice Through Time. This is a cooperative board game for two to four players set during the three Back to the Future movies.

Players each take on the role of Marty and Doc, from four different time periods, and are trying to stop Biff who has stolen the DeLorean and is messing with the timeline.

Disclosure: Ravensburger was cool enough to send me a review copy of this dice based game.

What you get in the Back to the Future Dice Through Time box:

From the publisher:


Biff stole the DeLorean and went on a joyride through time, disrupting events and scattering items through space and time! Now it’s up to you to help Doc and Marty repair the spacetime continuum before time paradoxes unravel the very fabric of the universe. Jump in your time machine, complete events, return items, and help restore temporal order! The future is in your hands!


1 Game board, 4 Player mats, 4 DeLorean movers, 4 Biff standees and plastic bases, 16 Dice, 72 Event cards, 20 Item cards, 20 Paradox tokens, 24 Einstein tokens, 1 OUTATIME marker, 1 First Player token, Rulebook

This is yet another game released with the same licence and almost the exact same name a different board game. I’m not liking this trend, which we’ve also seen with Scooby-Doo Escape from the Haunted Mansion and The Shining Escape from Overlook Hotel. What do you think of all of these games coming out with the same themes and similar names but very different gameplay?

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