Unboxing Chiseled, a reverse deck-building card game

Watch as I discover what you get in the card game Chiseled from Copper Frog Games and Grand Gamers Guild.

This is a reverse deck building game where you start with a very full deck of cards that represent your block of stone. Each turn you choose a tool card to sculpt your deck down to reveal the statue within.

Disclosure: Grand Gamers Guild was cool enough to send us a review copy of this deck-deconstruction card game.

Unboxing Chiseled

From the Publisher:

Three Critics. One set of Tools. NO EXCUSES!

Remove and accentuate cards from your block of marble—your starting deck of cards—using a shared set of tools to please the critics and win! Chiseled is a thematic and strategic deck-deconstruction game for 1-4 players.

Your starting marble is worth very little. Remove Scrap and extraneous pieces to accentuate and score what remains.

The Critics from across history will judge ALL players’ sculptures once ANY player’s looks polished enough, represented by “check-ins.”

Each Tool is unique, and can only be re-used once ALL tools have been selected. Will you go for fine detail with a Pointed Chisel? Plan your next actions with the Maquette? Or take a wild swing with the Heavy Sledge, possibly damaging your opponents’ work?

Includes 24 “Sine Cera” Waxed Marble cards for variant “take-that” play, and 3 solo challenges for solitaire sculpting.


Since recording this unboxing we have played a number of games of Chiseled and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The best part about the game is just how thematic is it (that is once you realize that it’s not that you want your finished statue to have nine heads, it’s just that you want to spend the most time on the head).

Read more about why we love this deck-shedding card game in our Chiseled Review.

Chiseled A Deck-Sculpting Card Game
  • 1-4 Players, Ages 14+, 30-minute play time
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