Unboxing Robotech Crisis Point, a 2 player competitive card game set in the Robotech Masters universe

What you get in the box for Crisis Point a ROBOTECH Board game from Solar Flare games and Harmony Gold.

This is a stand-alone sequel to Solar Flare Games’ ROBOTECH: Force of Arms using similar mechanics.

Disclosure: Solar Flare Games sent this box along with a different game I will be reviewing.

What you get with the card game ROBOTECH Crisis Point:

From the publisher:

ROBOTECH: Crisis Point is a two-player head-to-head card game. Strategy, tactics, area control, bluffing, and hand management all come into play in this dynamic and deep game of Alien vs Human in a battle of wits and courage.

Will you save humanity or utterly destroy it?


Players are trying to destroy their opponent’s units while also successfully defending their own forces. Players take turns tactically deploying units. Strategically placing their combat and support units to defend their own forces and destroy those of their enemy and using their hero and command cards to win the day. The player with the most combined points in defended and successfully destroyed units and strategic locations wins.


Once the players have finished the Tactical, Token, and Command/Hero phases they tally up the victory points for the units and strategic locations successfully defend. They then add the victory points for the enemy units they were able to successfully destroy. The player with the most points wins!

Crisis point is the second ROBOTECH game I’ve unboxed from Solar Flare Games. Be sure to check out my ROBOTECH: Force of Arms Unboxing as well.

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