Unboxing Doodle Dungeon, a dungeon building flip and write featuring awesome John Kovalik artwork.

Check out what you get in the rather large box for Doodle Dungeon, a card drafting, flip and write, game where you build a dungeon attempting to protect your treasure from an invading hero by using walls, traps and monsters.

This game features artwork from the awesome John Kovalik best known for his work on the Munchkin series of games and the Dork Tower webcomic.

Disclosure: Thanks to Pegasus Spiele for sending us a review copy of Doodle Dungeon to check out. 

What comes with Doodle Dungeon?

From the publisher:

A visit to the dungeon can be quite the tormenting affair on the hero side of life, so why not switch sides and become a certified dungeon architect instead? In Doodle Dungeon, each player works on their own dungeon blueprint. Drafted cards determine which elements — monsters, traps, and treasures — they have to add immediately. After fourteen cards have been drafted, the blueprint is passed to the next player, who then draws the route an anthropomorphic test hero will take because these days, even in the dungeon business, nothing works without quality inspection. The players receive their own blueprints back and try to keep the dummy hero from killing their monsters, stealing their treasures, and — obviously — making it out alive. They can use the drafted cards to fight off the hero or to support the heroes in their opponent’s dungeons. In the end, only the creator of the most devious dungeon will triumph.

Doodle Dungeon combines the rewarding elements of creating, then defending one’s own dungeon, and mixes it with engaging draft-and-draw gameplay.

Doodle Dungeon ended up being a surprisingly deep flip and write game. Read more about it in our Doodle Dungeon Review.

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