Board Game Unboxing: Fairy Season, a light family-friendly card game about goblins catching fairies

A look at what you get in the small box board game Fairy Season. This is a quick playing card game for three to five players where players take on the role of goblins who are competing to see who can collect the most fairies.

This is a ladder based card game that plays in under half an hour with three to five players.

Disclosure: Good Games Publishing was cool enough to send me a review copy of this game.

What do you get in the box with the family-friendly card game Fairy Season from Good Games Publishing?

From the publisher:

It’s Fairy Season! The Goblin Chiefs (the players) order their Goblin flunkies into the forest to catch Fairies across the four seasons, and shake out their Fairy dust to make a wicked winter brew! Herd Fairies into Swarms and use Goblins to trick and trap them. Lure in the mighty Royal Fairies to free their flighty Fairy friends, then catch them too! The Chief who catches the most Fairies wins.

Fairy Season is a trick-taking card game in which players take turns playing Fairies, Traps, Goblins and Royal Fairies in an attempt to capture the pile (called the swarm) and add it to their private stash. This is achieved when the next player in turn order cannot play a card to beat yours. At the end of the game, players count the Fairies and Royal Fairies in their stashes, with the highest score winning. There is an alternate victory condition also – any player who can capture all four Fairy Royals wins immediately!

So far I have been very impressed by what I’ve seen from Good Games Publishing. Check out my review of one of their other family-friendly games, Funfair a game about building theme parks.
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