Unboxing The Ghosts Betwixt a cooperative horror themed dungeon crawling board game

Take a look inside the box for The Ghosts Betwixt, a horror themed campaign based dungeon crawler set in America’s Haunted Heartland. 

Don’t let the Scooby-Doo-like cover fool you, this is a meaty cooperative dungeon crawler that will challenge even experienced gamers. 

Disclosure: Thanks to Innocent Traveller Games for sending us a review copy of this haunted dungeon crawler.  Links in this post may be affiliate links. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 

Unboxing  The Ghosts Betwixt

From the publisher:

Dungeon Crawling in the Haunted Heartland

Young Richie has been kidnapped! He was last seen taken into the Bennert family’s farmhouse, which transforms into the Worlds of Terror haunted house during the Halloween season.

The Bennerts’ haunted attraction has fallen on hard times, as thrill-seeking audiences begin opting for more impressive haunted houses found in the city. However, the Bennerts own the ultimate wild card – and they will play it tonight to resurrect the family business.

Join Richie’s family Bill, Joan, Avelynn and Maddox as they battle the Bennert family in this campaign-driven dungeon crawler!

EXPLORE crooked locations only found in America’s haunted heartland
Map tiles are randomly placed, making each play through unique.

What’s behind the next door? You’re never quite sure, and there’s only one way to find out…

Haunted houses, cider mills, corn mazes and more await you!

FIGHT off otherworldly beings with household weapons & unique talents
Customize each family member to build the team YOU want.

Unlimited combinations of weapons and character-specific talents change the way you do battle!

UNLOCK unforgettable surprises throughout the campaign
New monsters, new weapons, new environments (& new heroes?) are unlocked when revealed in the story.

A never-before-seen story will leave you shocked up until the very end!

Find out what we thought of this rather heavy cooperative board game in our The Ghosts Betwixt Review. There you will find out just how much this game surprised us in a number of ways. Not just that it was heavier than we expected, given the theme and cover, but also just how much replayability there is and just how long the campaign is.

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