Unboxing – Gorus Maximus from Inside Up Games, a gladiatorial trick taking game for up to 8 players.

A live unboxing of the board game Gorus Maximus designed by Conor McGoey featuring gory gladiator art by Kwanchai Moriya.

This is a trick taking card game for one to eight players that plays in under an hour.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Gorus Maximus from Connor after doing a demo of one of his other games at Origins. No other compensation was provided.

A live unboxing video of the trick taking card game Gorus Maximus

From the publisher:

A bloody trick-taking game of gladiatorial combat, in which the trump suit can change mid-trick!
Gorus Maximus can be played with 2-8 players, every man/woman for themselves or in teams. For brave contenders aged 8 and up, taking 30-45 minutes.

Dispatch your strongest gladiators and most ferocious beasts to excite the blood-thirsty masses and earn their support!

Challenge: By matching the rank of the last gladiator to enter the arena and the trump suit will change immediately!

Collect gladiators with positive crowd favour and ignore those with negative favour. The player with the most Crowd Favour at the end of each round will earn a Token from the Crowd.

The first player to collect 3 Crowd Support wins the game.

When the sun sets on the soiled battlefield, you want the spectators chanting your name. Give them a gruesome show, and earn the title: Champion of Gorus Maximus!

Find out how the game plays and what I thought of it in my Gorus Maximus review right here on the blog!

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