Unboxing: Guild Master a cutthroat board about managing an adventuring guild

A look at what you get with the hobby board game Guild Master from Good Games Publishing. This fantasy board game puts players in control of their own guild of adventurers competing with rival guilds.

In Guild Master, players use a hidden programmed movement system to hire heroes, give orders to their existing heroes, hire builders to upgrade their guildhall and more.

Disclosure: Good Games Publishing was cool enough to send me a review copy of this game.

What do you get with Guild Masters, a fantasy-themed board game from Good Games Publishing?

From the publisher:

Scheme. Build. Adventure.

Trouble is on the rise. And for adventuring guilds this spells opportunity.

Start with a small group of adventurers with different skills. Plan and prioritise their every move. Hire new adventurers to build on & expand your strengths. Weigh the risks of taking on increasingly difficult contracts to earn fame and fortune. Hire labourers to upgrade your guild to expand your reach, but get in fast before their price goes up. Simultaneous action planning and sequenced resolution with prisoners’ dilemma conflict resolution helps you co-operate with rivals or contest them to win contracts.

You can’t do it all, so set your priorities and know when to take risks to get ahead.

I’ve been extremely impressed by everything else I’ve played by Good Games Publishing. Check out my review of their theme park building game, Funfair, for an example of this. I’m really looking forward to checking out this fantasy-themed game. You can be sure I will be sharing my thoughts here when I do.

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