Unboxing Jabuka, a take that coffee themed word based party game with a twist

Have you ever played with magnetic letters or letter blocks and used an M as a W or an E? If you have, you would probably be great at Jabuka. In this board game unboxing video, I show off the components for the word based puzzle game Jabuka.

Jabuka was designed by Martin Russocki and published in 2019 by Jabuka Games Inc

Disclosure: The designer of Jabuka sent us a copy of his game to check out. No other compensation was provided. Links in this post may be affiliate links. Using these links doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps support this blog and our podcast. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

A look at what you get in the word based party game Jabuka

Description of Jabuka from the publisher:

Any word game requires using your bean, but the way to win Jabuka is to use the most beans in a spontaneous, fast-paced race to be the most prolific wordsmith. And here’s the innovative twist: the coffee bean-shaped pieces with yellow characters can be turned to form different letters, changing j’s into r’s, m’s into e’s, and many more morphing moves. The totally twistable Jabuka alphabet even includes double letter combinations that change with their orientation. Use these alphabet chameleons to form new words or to hijack and transform existing words made by another player or team. The team that uses the most beans—straight up or strategically askew—wins the game (with a shout of “Jabuka” of course!). For 2-8 players, ages 8-108. 100% recycled wood, coffee bean shaped pieces in a natural mini burlap sack.

Over the last year, I’ve learned that I actually enjoy some word based games, Jabuka being a great example. Another great word game I discovered this year was Trapwords, which you can learn more about in my Trapwords review (or take a look at my Letter Jam review for a unique cooperative take on word building). 

If you are looking to buy a copy of Jabuka use the code SPEAKJABUKA to save 10% off.

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