HeroQuest Kellar’s Keep Quest Pack Unboxing, What’s inside this newly reprinted HeroQuest expansion?

Check out what you get with the new version of the Kellar’s Keep expansion for HeroQuest from Avalon Hill/Hasbro.

This is an update to the classic quest pack for the Milton Bradley and Games Workshop dungeon crawling board game Hero Quest which features updated artwork, new great looking miniature sculpts, and other component upgrades!

What do you get with the Kellar’s Keep expansion for HeroQuest?

From the publisher:

EXPANSION PACK: The Kellar’s Keep game is the first expansion for the Avalon Hill HeroQuest dungeon crawler board game. (Requires HeroQuest game system to play. Sold separately.)

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES: The cards and booklets feature incredible artwork that takes players’ imaginations into a mysterious underground world filled with monsters, deadly traps, and more

ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION OF MINIATURES: This tabletop board game includes 17 beautifully detailed unpainted miniatures including includes orcs, goblins, and abominations

INCLUDES 10 EXCITING QUESTS: The Kellar’s Keep board game includes full-color tiles, artifact cards, and quests that players haven’t seen in previous editions of the HeroQuest game system

LIMITLESS REPLAYABILITY: This expansion gives you more opportunities to delve deeper into the HeroQuest game, and adds to the replayability. Players can also create their own stories and build their own quests

I actually own the original version of this expansion for the Games Workshop/Milton Bradley version of HeroQuest and it’s awesome to see it back in print for a new edition of HeroQuest. What’s an expansion you wish would be re-released? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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