Unboxing Knot Dice Squared: More knotwork dice, new puzzles, and more games for Knot Dice

A look at Knot Dice Squared an expansion for the Celtic knotwork dice game Knot Dice from Black Oak Games. This expansion includes three new dice types all featuring new knotwork patterns.

This expansion box for Knot Dice also includes two new sets of tokens and two books, one containing new puzzles and another containing new games that can be played with this set when combined with a base set of Knot Dice.

Disclosure: Black Oak Games provided me with a review copy of this dice game expansion.

What you get with a copy of Knot Dice Squared.

From the publisher:

Knot Dice Squared is an expansion, and requires a set of Knot Dice to play the puzzles and games.

Knot Dice Squared contains 26 more knot dice in three new designs, 4 new tokens to increase the player count in some games up to 6, and many new puzzles and game variants. One set of Knot Dice (18 dice) pairs with one set of Knot Dice Squared.

Add some new twists to your designs and games, create larger Celtic knots, and play through entirely new puzzles with Knot Dice Squared.

Included are new game variations for: Kells, Kells: The Book, Kells: The Abbey, Knot So Fast, Knot So Fast Too, Knot the Whole Story, Distance, and Minarets.

In addition, there are two brand-new games:

4 Get Me Knots – a solo game for 1 player. Complete as many designs as possible of different sizes.
Hedgerows – a competitive game for 2 players. Complete designs on your side of a vertical wall while influencing where your opponent can build.
Puzzles – There are dozens of new puzzles: Completion Puzzles 1, Completion Puzzles 2, Transformation Puzzles, Creation Puzzles, and Building Puzzles. There is also a new puzzle type:

Simultaneous Puzzles – match and complete several different designs at the same time, or compete with other puzzlers to complete your design before they complete theirs. Each row of designs can be completed simultaneously with one set of Knot Dice and one set of Knot Dice Squared.

Be sure to check out my review of Knot Dice so you can see the types of games and puzzles that can be played with these very cool knotwork dice.

Right now the only place you can get a set of Knot Dice Squared is through the Black Oak Games website.

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