UNBOXING​ Legendary Metal Coins Season Six, Kickstarter Preview. Metal coins for your tabletop games

A look at the coins available in the Legendary Metal Coins Season 6 Kickstarter (which was live when this video went live). This video includes all nine of the base coins sets but none of the unlocked stretch goals.

All of these Legendary Metal Coins come from Drawlab Games located in Athens Greece.

Disclosure: Drawlab was cool enough to send me these coins to check out before their Kickstarter ended. No other compensation was provided.

What coins are part of Legendary Metal Coins Season Six?

From the publisher:

After 5 successful Legendary Metal Coin campaigns, we are back on Kickstarter for the 6th time to offer you our new metal coin ideas at the best value.

This sixth set of coins features three concepts:
1) Forged Coin Sets: Taking inspiration from our most beloved coin sets, we decided to recreate something in this theme using more 3-dimensional effects for the first time.

2) New Coins Sets: Of course it wouldn’t be a new Drawlab Legendary Metal Coins campaign if we didn’t add a few more sets.

3) Adventure Sets: We love RPGs and we constantly get inspired by fantasy, so naturally we love creating new RPG accessories. We wanted to create something beautiful that can be used in any fantasy setting in multiple ways, so we came up with the Adventure line.

I love to bling out my board games, one of my favourite things to replace is the money/currency that comes with a game. If you dig doing this as well check out our Money, Money, Money Gamer Gift Guide.

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