UNBOXING Letter Jam, a cooperative, thinky, word based party game for up to six players

A look at what you get in the box for the cooperative card game Letter Jam. This is a heavier than usual party game for up to six players that has players providing clues in order to get the other players to guess the letters in front of them.

In this word-based party game you can’t see your own hand of cards, only those of the other players. This cooperative board game features surprisingly nice components for a party game.

Disclosure: CGE was cool enough to send me a review copy of this game.

What do you get with the cooperative card game Letter Jam?

From the publisher:

Letter Jam is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players. In each round, every player has a letter that everyone else can see. But no one can see their own letter! Players try to find words that can be made with the letters they see. The player with the best clue spells it by marking the letters with numbered tokens. Your letter’s position in the clue helps you guess what it might be. Then you can move on to a new one! Guess them all before clues run out, and unscramble your hidden word.

Letter Jam is one of many card driven cooperative games I’ve been playing lately (the most recent you can read about is my Wonder Woman Challenge of the Amazons review). If you’ve got a favourite cooperative game I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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