Lignum Unboxing, a look at the 2nd edition of this heavy board game from Capstone

A look at what you get in this heavy economic board game about the logging industry in the 19th century.

I first heard about this game when Edward from Heavy Cardboard announced it was a 2015 Golden Elephant Award Finalist. 

Disclosure: Nothing to see here, pick this one up after listening to an episode of Heavy Cardboard

Unboxing Lignum

From the publisher:

As a logger, decide how to cut, transport, sell, and use your wood in the most profitable way Travel along the supply path, collecting valuable tools and workers Outsmart your opponents to secure the best wood cutting areas Fulfill contracts for mass end-game victory points For 2 – 4 Players / Playing Time: 60 – 120 Minutes

Sadly I’ve yet to actually get this game to the table. I have read the rulebook, twice now in prep for game night but it never actually got picked to play. Sometimes it’s hard to find players willing to play heavier games like this.

Do you have a trick for getting meatier games to the table? Let us know in the comments below!

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